2 October 2017
Thomas Gambino, founding golf committee member, second from left, with one of two Golf Golf foursomes sponsored by Dynamic International.
Greetings from Mr. Gault

Monday, 2 October is the Feast of the Guardian Angels.  Saint John Baptist De La Salle frequently reminded the teachers in the schools he founded that their role was to act as guardian angels for their students.  The Faculty and staff of The De La Salle School are very aware of this vocation and humbly accept this enormous responsibility.  My colleagues and I are grateful for the faith given to us in the guidance of the young men that God has entrusted to our care.
It is amazing how fast the first month of school has gone by. In many ways it seems like we just began classes a week ago. Students have enjoyed a month filled with various activities and opportunities.  The fifth grade participated in another successful trip to Spring Brook Farm in Vermont, where they learned various skills in teamwork, leadership, animal appreciation, nature appreciation, communication, and listening.  Eighth graders have been very diligent helping their fifth grade buddies adjust to life at The De La Salle School and preparing for the Catholic High School Entrance Examination that they will take at the end of October.  Art classes were busy preparing wonderful drawings that were proudly displayed at this year's golf outing.  As we move into the month of October, we will be administering the IOWA Tests of Basic Skills to all students. These standardized tests will begin next week and continue through the middle of October.
Our Golf Outing and Bocce Tournament, which occurred on Monday, 25 September, was a tremendous success. The funds generated by this annual event will benefit our school and assist with tuition for some of our students in the Graduate Support Program.  God blessed us with beautiful weather and all in attendance had a great day   On behalf of all the students of The De La Salle School I would like to extend a special thank you to the alumni of La Salle Military Academy for their continued support of this event and our school. Over 90 golfers attended with dozens then participating in a Bocce Tournament. The 50/50 raffle prizewinner was Mr. Mariano Bernui of North Babylon, who won $5,000.00.
Our annual Ladies Luncheon will take place on Tuesday, 14 November at Westbury Manor in Westbury, NY.  The guest speaker is Bernadette Castro of Castro Convertibles and former New York State Commissioner of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation. Invitations are in the mail.
As always I ask that you continue to pray for our students, as I promise our prayers for each of you.
William L. Gault
Executive Director

Scenes from the The De La Salle School's Fifteenth Annual Golf Outing and Bocce Tournament, 
Monday, 25 September 2017, hosted 
in collaboration with the 
La Salle Military  Academy  Alumni Association. 
Two Bronze foursomes sponsored by Tristan Construction, including the Golf Champions, Guy Pennisi, Rich Destefano, Kevin Gottlieb and Rob Ciraullo.
Bocce Champions Patrick Allen and Dylan Morroni, from Silver Sponsor Mason-East.

Week of 18 September

Word of the Week - decoy - an artificial bird or animal used to lure wild game during hunting; a place into which wild ducks, etc. are lured for capture.

Gentleman of the Week -  Jose, 5th Grade
Writer of the Week - Anthony Q., 8th Grade
Artist of the Week - Marcos, 7th Grade

Week of 25 September 

Word of the Week - elegance - the quality of being graceful and stylish in appearance or manner; cultivated dignity; polished refinement. 

Gentleman of the Week - Danny B., 5th Grade
Writer of the Week - Frank H., 5th Grade
Artist of the Week - Nicholas A., 5th Grade
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