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National Public Radio's award-winning Richard Harris will keynote NWABR's Regional IRB Conference.  Mr. Harris has covered science, medicine and the environment for NPR since 1986. In 2014, he turned his attention back to biomedical research and came to realize how the field was suffering. Too many scientists were chasing too little funding. That led him to take a year-long sabbatical at Arizona State University's Consortium for Science, Policy & Outcomes to research and write Rigor Mortis. It is his first book.

Speak up for Research Annual Gala
Celebrating a journey of    

family, hope, scientists
and philanthropy to treat
myotubular myopathy
in Phase 1 clinical trials
If you are a parent you already know the guts, fortitude, desire and village it takes to raise a child from milestone to milestone to adulthood.  Imagine your child is born with a fatal genetic disease affecting the function of all his skeletal muscles.  Meet Alison and Paul Frase, their daughter Isabella, and finally their son Joshua who was born with myotubular myopathy. If you remember anything about their story, I want you to remember the power of passionate parents working with brilliant, dedicated scientists who tenaciously act and hope for a cure through biomedical research. 

The genetic villain in the story is the MTM1 gene, where mutations cause total loss of function .. . read the whole story by clicking here 
May 24th 6:30pm 

Gala awards honor the partnership between Alison and Paul Frase, philanthropist-parents, and Dr. Martin Childers, scientist. 

Their story epitomizes the journey of courage, brilliance and persistence necessary for advancing medicine.

BrainBrain-Computer interface: Community Conversation Spokane
April 10, 2018
Facilitated by Dr. Kevin Measor, PhD, Gonzaga University
The ability to record brain activity and use this information to control devices like computers, wheelchairs, and brain stimulators is a goal of brain-computer interface (BCI) research. With this new technology comes great promise to improve people's lives, but will the introduction of BCI devices into medicine and beyond raise ethical concerns?  

If you'd like to SPONSOR the series in one or more of our sites,
Jen Wroblewski
and reap the benefits of added visibility in this network.  Thanks to Whitworth University, our series sponsor in Spokane!

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NWABR Calls to Action
MarchforscienceMarch for Science is April 14th.  March in Portland, Seattle or Spokane!

Show your support for strong, evidence-based science policies, funding and knowledge by turning out for one of our regional March for Science events.

Many marches include surrounding events including a Community Conversation in Spokane on Brain-Computer Interfaces on April 10th.

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JudgeSign Up to Judge the BioExpo!

The 18th Annual Student BioEXPO takes place May 18th from 8am-2pm; a pre-judging meeting takes place May 9th from 4pm-6pm. Both programs are located at Shoreline Community College.

We need many judges to score and interview our student competitors.  No experience necessary. Click the link below to learn more and sign up!

Many thanks to our hosts, Shoreline Community College.
Thank you for your support!!

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campCamp BIOmed Registration in Full Swing. Early Bird Closes April 30.

Camp BIOmed, NWABR's science summer camp for high school students, will run from July 9 to August 17 2018. NWABR offers four exciting tracks: The Molecular Biology of Cancer: Good Cells Gone Bad, Next Gen Science:Origami of Life & Bioinformatics, CSI (Crime Scene Investigation): Solve a murder mystery, and Genetic Engineering: Recombinant DNA Technology. 

Jennifer Wroblewski | NWABR | (206) 957-3337 | engagement @nwabr.org | nwabr.org