Congress of Connecticut
Community Colleges

For the past month, we've been hearing the Governor and other legislators discuss modifying pension and/or healthcare for state employees and their desire to reopen the SEBAC agreement. Despite the large amount of news coverage on this matter, the Governor's office did not request a meeting with the State Employees Bargaining Agent Coalition (SEBAC) until Monday, March 14. The request from the Governor's Office can be read here.
SEBAC responded this morning clearly and unequivocally; union leadership welcomes an opportunity to meet but does not have the authorization of our elected rank-and-file leadership to enter into any discussions about reopening our 2011 agreement.
SEBAC is willing to meet so that we can discuss concrete and substantive ways to resolve the current and future budget deficits. Our 2011 agreement actually provides some of those solutions without the need to re-open or make further changes.
However, no meeting is currently scheduled. We know a significant portion of our membership will be on Spring Break next week, and we want to reassure you that nothing will occur in your absence. The 4Cs will not act without input from our membership.
For our 4Cs contract negotiations on wages and working conditions, please see our website at The first issue of Negotiations News shared detailed information about the proposals. The other news about the sessions were brief but the items discussed refer back to the original proposals, which were crafted based on our member survey on the contract in spring 2015.
One thing we can ALL do to make an impact during this difficult budget year is to sign up for the Community College Lobby Day  on March 31. Talking to legislators about the importance of community colleges and other state services, along with raising taxes on those who can best afford it, is an alternative to the state's budget situation.
For those of you who will be away from campus next week, have a good week. For those of you who will be working, the 4Cs office will be open as well and we are here to answer any questions you may have.

In solidarity!