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Governor Mitch Daniels signs HB1211 into law.   

Second chance legislation restricts access to criminal records after 8 years for for non violent class D felons and misdemeanants



HEA 1211 Arrest Records       


HEA 1211would allow persons with criminal records the opportunity to petition the court and request that access to those records be restricted.  The bill encompasses two parts.  The first provides that a person charged with a crime may petition the court to restrict disclosure of any records related to the arrest if the person: (1) is not prosecuted, or if charges against the person are dismissed; (2) is acquitted of all criminal charges; or (3) is convicted of the crime and the conviction is subsequently vacated. In layman's terms, arrests not leading to a conviction will remain accessible to law enforcement, but restricted from general public inquiries.   It is up to you to petition! 


The second part of HEA 1211provides that eight years after the date a person completes his sentence, satisfying all obligations imposed, he or she may petition the sentencing court to restrict access to the arrest and criminal records.


To read the bill in its entirety online click here.     


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