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Giving + Finances:
grace box
Thank you for partnering with us by your faithful giving. For those who call Grace Church their home, we are asking you to give boldly. In the life of a young church plant, every single dollar makes a difference.  


June's Monthly Budget:


June's Income (so far):



Read more about our budgets HERE.


Here's how to give:
You can drop your gift in one of our Grace Boxes on Sunday mornings. 


You can mail your donation to: 
Grace Church  
PO Box #421 
Dunedin, FL 34697 


Also, you can also donate online HERE.


Connect with a Community Group:
Community Groups
Prayer Requests:


 * Pray for the marriages, families, and relationships within Grace Church to flourish.  Some of our families are really going through some hard times.  Please pray.


* A number of our
 members are out of work and/or struggling 
financially.  Please pray for God's provisions.


* Pray for the Lord to send forth workers for the harvest in Pinellas County - Luke 10:2.  


* Pray that we will be able to  reach new people with the Gospel within our local community of Dunedin!


Please pray for the following church plants and pastors:
  • Truth Church (Southeast Clearwater Area) - planter Justin Strecker
  • Covenant Life (Oldsmar area) - planter Tommy Shelton
  • Planter Blake Ferrel - looking to plant in downtown Clearwater; currently hosting several Bible studies
  • Global City Church (a network of tethered neighborhood churches throughout Pinellas County) - planter Billy Mitchell
* Pray for Grace Church to find a store front in downtown Dunedin which will give us a "physical presence" in the community we feel called to impact with the Gospel and serve us a multipurpose facility for offices and ministry groups.


Next Sunday at Grace Church:
Upcoming Events:

Upcoming events with Grace Christian Fellowship (our sending church):

  • Grace Skates on July 9th & Aug. 5th (Superskate on Ulmerton Rd from 7pm to 9pm.  Cost $5)
  • Ladies PJ Palooza - July 13th
Reading through Proverbs this Summer:
Hopefully you're reading through Proverbs this summer.  It's a wonderful book full of truth to help lead us to "living rightly".  Here are some helpful  Resources for Discovering the Wisdom of Proverbs.
Nursery & Children's Ministry:
grace kids  
Kid's Memory Verse - July '12
Contact Angela Gleichowski to get involved.
Student Ministry:
Contact Jason Haynor to get involved.
Book Recommendations:
Proverbial Wisdom - Caring for Those in Need:
Proverbs 3:27
Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due, when it is in your power to act. 

Proverbs 19:17
Whoever is kind to the poor lends to the Lordand he will reward them for what they have done. 


Proverbs 14:31
Whoever oppresses the poor shows contempt for their Maker, but whoever is kind to the needy honors God. 


Proverbs 22:9
The generous will themselves be blessed, for they share their food with the poor. 
Proverbs 28:27
Those who give to the poor will lack nothing, but those who close their eyes to them receive many curses. 


Grace Church News
Weekly News + Updates                       6.28.12
Dear Grace Church family & friends,

I trust you survived all the wind and rain this past week!  And thanks for not allowing all the weather to keep you from church this past Sunday.  Everyone was a little wet, but we had a great time nonetheless!  And John preached a fantastic message to the church on the evil defeating power of forgiveness.  Your weekly attendance and participation in our Sunday morning Gatherings is an important part of our church's growing momentum.  Thanks for being there as often as you can!

As you know (by now!), we do not make a big fuss over church announcements on Sunday mornings.  The reason is because we want our Sunday morning Gatherings to be streamlined, undeviating, and focused on the service's theme.  News about what's happening at Grace Church can be received from our weekly email (what you're reading right now!), our events and activities are always on our calendar  (thank you Rachael Carr!), and you can always hear the latest by following us on Facebook and Twitter.  
Help Us Meet Budget this Month!
As you can see (to the left) we are a bit short this month.  Please pray for the provisions to come in and please consider what you can do to help.  


Giving and saving are a significant part of our monthly budget goal - approximately $3500. Our bare-bone monthly expenses are approximately $9,600 a month.  The past few months we have been able to cover our essential overhead expenses and continue on as a church. We thank God for allowing us, a brand new church plant, to be completely self-sustaining from the very beginning, able to meet all our essential overhead costs; and we're trusting that this month will be no different.  But we don't want to only meet our overhead costs, enabling us to simply sustain.  We also want to be able to bless and assist others.  We want to be a giving church, a sending church, and sacrificial blessing to many!  When we do not exceed the $9,600 we cannot save for our future, we cannot give to benevolent needs within our church family (and there are many needs!), and we cannot give toward church planting, outreach, and missions.


Help us us fulfill the  mission of Grace Church, help us meet our monthly budget goal, and help us spread the word about our church's needs. Thank you for praying, thank you for spreading the word about Grace Church, and thank you for making Grace Church part of your monthly budget!  


For more on our church budget and finances read HERE.
Sunday Preaching is NOT Enough:
I've always been fan of the Puritans and the Reformed tradition of passionate preaching that sprang forth from their movement.  Theodore Cuyler, a famous NYC pastor of the 19th Century, was one of those preachers who continued in their tradition.  

I ran across this quote by him last week and wanted to share it with my Grace Church peeps:
An honest, consistent, and godly character, is a sermon all the week. The godly Christian - pure of heart and unspotted by the [world's agendas] - is the best preacher of the gospel. The revival which is most urgently needed, is a revival of practical godliness. Sunday preaching is not enough; we need more sermons all through the week.
You know I love to listen to sermons and preach a few myself! But Rev. Cuyler was right, Sunday sermons are not enough.   In fact, the job of the Sunday morning preacher is to "equip the saints for the ministry" (Eph. 4:12) - the ministry you and I do all week long as a parent, boss, worker, friend, neighbor, etc....


May your life be a Gospel sermon for everyone, everywhere, and all week long!

This Sunday's Gathering - July 1st
This Sunday, come ready to worship the Lord together as we spend an extended time singing together and praying for one another.  The sermon, Great God, Big Vision, Wise Living, will be divided up into several teachings dispersed throughout our time of singing. This will be Part 5 in our summer series, The Skill of Living Rightly. We'll be learning how worshiping God is the epitome of living wisely.  We'll also be recognizing and praying for the recently graduated high school seniors within our church family.


We've been studying the book of Proverbs for four weeks now in our summer series entitled, "The Skill of Living Rightly."  In case you've missed any or would simply like to hear them again, check out our podcast


Also, please prayerfully consider who you can bring/invite to church during our Summer Reach Out.
Congrats to the Dumas Family!
We're rejoicing with the Dumas (and Lee) family! Avalyn Grace Dumas was born at 7:37pm this past Sunday (June 24th). She was 9lb 1oz and 21 1/2" long.  Please pray for everyone as they adjust to their new life together!  If you would like to bless the Dumas' with meals, here's the Care Calendar info:  

Login: 116783

Password: 1026


Reaching Out with Christ's Love...
Lastly, but certainly not least, I know things are tight for our church right now, but we have several opportunities to sacrificially reach out to others.  Please consider helping:


Operation Concrete:
As you know, a group from our church will have the privilege of traveling to El Salvador and Honduras with SOS Ministries, an international church planting organization. One of the many projects the team will be putting their hands to will be the laying of a concrete slab at a local elementary school near Rosario in El Salvador. This slab will provide the overcrowded and underfunded school with additional space for learning and activities.  We are hoping to bring $1900 with us in order to get this project done. Please consider how you can help.  Read more HERE. 


Flip-Flops for El Salvador & Honduras:
flopsThis Saturday, June 30th, flip-flops are only $1!  Please grab as many as you can and bring them to church this Sunday. Those going on the mission trip to El Salvador & Honduras on July 10th - 20th will bring them down to some very needed people. Your buck can do a lot of good!  We will need all sizes and all colors!  Get as many as you can and place them in the flip-flop box in at church this Sunday. 


The Goodner Family:
Many of you stepped up to help the Goodner family last week.  This is the family whose mother is now paralyzed due to an epidural procedure going bad during the birth of their daughter this past week. The family just moved here from Kentucky looking for work and they have next to nothing.  It's a very sad situation; but God is the business of turning things around and he has brought this family to our attention.


A good deal of our people have signed up to bring them food.  There is still a need for meals - you can sign up HERE (Calendar ID: 116586   Security Code: 9782).


There are also some items the family needs:
  • 2 cribs and crib sheets 
  • Clothes for their two baby girls: 0-6 months and 18-24 months
  • Formula - Similac Advance
  • Diapers - sizes 1, 2, 4, & 5

Feel free to bring any of the above items to church.  We will see to it that the Goodners receive them.  Please pray for them.  The mom's name is Dahana and the dad's name is Chuck.

Hope to see you at the Gathering this Sunday!
Grace + peace,