Grace Episcopal Church                             February 2018

A Note from our Rector...

I have always loved church. As a little kid, I remember going to vacation bible school, playing games, making crafts and eating snacks. As I got older, I hung out in the youth room on big comfy couches and talked with my friends about school, ball games, and boys. During college, it was much of the same. I had a lot of fun at church. Of course, I did the serious stuff as well...I learned about God and sang hymns and went to Sunday services. But it wasn't until I got older that I began to fully grasp what the love of God is all about. I grasped it gradually through the ups and downs of life; the joys and challenges. I grasped it on the days I felt alone and needed comfort. I grasped it on the days I felt angry and needed to gain compassion. I grasped it when my children were born and when my grandmother died. However, it wasn't the same love of God that I learned about as a kid when I sang "Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so." It was different. I didn't know God's love because I was TOLD about it. I knew God's love because I EXPERIENCED it.

This Lenten season, I encourage you to take time to experience God's love in your own life. That may mean setting aside time each day to pray or spend time with someone who is lonely. Volunteer with a community outreach group. Go to morning prayer. Sit quietly in nature and watch the sunset. Whatever you do, take time to notice and thank God for the blessings in your life. Allow God's love to dwell in you.


Ash Wednesday Services
Wednesday, February 14th
12 Noon
(no evening service)

Morning Prayer
Wednesdays in Lent
beginning February 21

Palm Sunday Services
Sunday, March 25
9:00am & 11:00am


Maundy Thursday Service
Thursday, March 29

Good Friday Stations of the Cross
Friday, March 30
(outside weather permitting)

Easter Services
Sunday, April
7:00am (Sunrise Easter Vigil)

Every Thursday starting February 15th from 11:30am to 12:30pm

During Lent, we will gather every Thursday in the Parish Hall for communion, lunch, and special Lenten program. Our theme is  Meeting Jesus . Using a guided prayer journal and group discussion, we will look more closely at the words of John the Evangelist as we together grow in God's love for us.

Please RSVP to Laura Rodgers at  or text
(804) 389-1148. Lunch will be provided with a suggested donation of $5. Prayer journals will be given out at our first meeting. You are encouraged to invite members of the community. Everyone is welcome!

Learn more about this year's program from our Presiding Bishop, Michael Curry.
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A special note from our Music Director, Dee...

I am so pleased to be the new music director at Grace Church. The choir is busy preparing some lovely music for the Lenten season and Easter. We could use a few more voices, especially sopranos. So, if you love to sing, please join us. We are rehearsing after the 11 am Sunday Service, in the choir room. You do not need to read music. This is a great opportunity to sing in fellowship with the choir. 


Help us decorate the church with an Easter Lily in honor or in memorium of the people who hold a special place in your life. Orders are due no later than March 27th. Lilies are $15 each. Order forms will be available soon in the Narthex and may be placed in Cindy's mailbox outside of the church office.
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