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Grace Notes Weekly
March 24, 2017
Be On the Lookout...
  ... for a message from Father Ken via GraceNet later today and on paper on Sunday!
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Be On the Lookout...
Breakfast is On!
Laetare Sunday
David Long Returns to Grace
Food Vouchers at Grace
Easter Lilies
New Diocesan Newletter features
     Erik Broeren on Cover
Family Promise Hosting in April
Meetings This Week
Serving on Sunday
Breakfast is a Go for Sunday!

We will exalt the Lord in the Sunday service, and between the services, we will egg-salt him, along with the breakfast that will come to our plates courtesy of tech-genius, Vestry member and generously courageous (or courageously generous) soul Richard Lanham, who has volunteered to take care of breakfast this week and many others. So be at peace and know that you will be fed not only with spiritual food but will actual vittles between the services.

Laetare Sunday

Sunday, March 26, the fourth Sunday in Lent, marks the mid-point point in the season; we’ve been quiet and meditative for 19 days and have 21 more ahead before Easter. In the tradition of the Catholic and Anglican churches, it’s therefore time for a bit of a break – half-time, if you will – in the form of Laetare Sunday.  

Laetare Sunday takes its name from the opening words of the initial phrase of the Introit (the first part of the traditional Mass) that was used on the fourth Sunday in Lent in the days before the Revised Common Lectionary. Taken from Isaiah 66, the words Laetare, Jerusalem, or “Rejoice, Jerusalem,” opened the service, and the rejoicing took the form of loosening some of the disciplines of Lent. Some churches allowed weddings, normally taboo during the season; some put flowers on the altar (another no-no) and let the voice of the organ, often silent for the penitential season, sound again for a day. Purple or violet vestments were traded in for rose-colored ones and servants were given the day off to visit either their families, especially their mothers, or their mother churches. The United Kingdom used Laetare Sunday, also known as Mothering Sunday, to honor mothers and bestow gifts upon them, much like the secular holiday we recognize in May in the US.

  Grace’s clergy will be adorned in rose this week in honor of the occasion.

David Long Returns to Grace as Interim Music Director

I am pleased to announce that David Long has accepted the invitation to return to Grace as Interim Director of Music. David is a familiar face and longtime friend of the parish, having served as Grace's Director of Music from February 2—3 to April 2008 and again as interim in 2009. David is a gifted musician, a much beloved teacher, and an experienced liturgical musician of the highest order. He will be a great asset to us during this time of transition, and I have no doubt that our choir and musicians will flourish under his leadership. His first Sunday will be April 2. Please give him a warm Grace Church welcome when you see him! Read his full bio at this link:

Food Vouchers at Grace

The Vestry recently approved the use of food vouchers at Grace. This is something new for Grace; we have previously worked with the United Way’s 211 program to provide food from our food pantry. The food voucher program provides the family and or individual much more food than the food pantry and is able to offer fresh fruits and vegetables as well when they are in season. We will still use the United Way program -- individuals will still call 211 to be directed to the nearest location (church or social service agency) that have vouchers available. The church will pay $10.00 per voucher, and the voucher will provide enough food to feed a family of four for at least five days.  

The budget for the vouchers is not endless. The church will allocate $200.00 per month for vouchers. Like many churches around the city we will run out usually the first week of the month.   The vouchers will allow Grace to provide assistance with food beyond the can-and-box foods that are high in carbs and fat. Grace will continue to take any donated food items to Metropolitan Ministry and keep a small amount for our on now much smaller pantry. On occasion, Grace will need emergency food on site for those who do not have a phone or any way to contact 211.  

You will still see the baskets in the isle during communion. Now each dollar you put in the basket goes towards a $10.00 food voucher. Of course, please continue to bring other items if desired, especially items for Metropolitan Ministries like soups, can tuna etc.  

We hope to kick off the voucher program beginning in April. 

Easter Lilies

Though we’re only half-way through Lent, Easter is getting close enough to see its little quivering little nose… which means that time’s-a-wastin’ if you’re planning to donate lilies this year – we are but two weeks from the deadline! If you’d like to purchase one or more plants to honor or remember a loved one or in thanksgiving for friends, relatives or life events, please contact the church office (e-mail or phone 243-3257), or take a form from the table in the Narthex, fill it out and tuck it into the almsbag on Sunday. Lilies will cost $15 each. Please have your orders in no later than Friday, April 7, for inclusion in the Easter bulletins.  

Your name:  _______________________________________________________  

Phone Number: ____________________________________________________

Honor  Memory  Thanksgiving                                  Name to list  

  • ¨          ¨            ¨                                       ________________________
  • ¨          ¨            ¨                                       ________________________
  • ¨          ¨            ¨                                       ________________________
  • ¨          ¨            ¨                                       ________________________
  Total amount enclosed/attached: _______________________
New Diocesan Newsletter Available

A new issue of the Diocesan newsletter, DioET Connections, has arrived at church and is available to all who'd like a copy. If this news strikes you with the same breathless thrill that you normally reserve for reminders from the dentist about your yearly cleaning, please note that this publication features one of Grace's favorite ecclesiastical super-stars -- Erik Broeren!  His picture, along with those of the other five deacons who were ordained in February at the annual convention, graces the front of the issue, making it a must-see for all of us at Grace. Grab a copy this Sunday -- there are stacks in the Narthex, the Bookstore, outside the financial office and in the lobby of the handicapped entrance. 

Family Promise – Hosting during Holy Week

Grace will be hosting Family Promise at First Church of the Nazarene on North Terrace the following days during Holy Week – Monday, April 10 through Thursday, April 13. Please check your calendars and let me know your availability.    As usual we'll need greeters, drivers, meal servers, overnight hosts. Contact Skeeter Makepeace if you can fill any of these needs!

Meetings this week
Joseph Cambell Roundtable (Merritt Room) -- Monday, 7:00 p.m.
Friday 1PM - Centering Prayer (Barth Room)
Serving on Sunday
At the 8 a.m. service: Lectors, Amie Brien-Slack, Susan Brown; Intercessor, Andy Lane; Chalice, Alan McMurray, Diana McMurray; Acolyte, Kathryn Lazenby; Ushers, Andy Lane, Rick Jones; Greeters, Peter and Jane Duvoisin  

At the 10:45 a.m. service: Lectors, Diana Peterson, George Reed, Jr., Intercessor, George Reed; Chalice, Edith Snider, Dick McGee; Oblations, Laura and Jeff Bertrand; Acolytes, Kira Vassilev, Kathy Vassilev, Nickolas Vassilev, Mary Cooper, Meredith Ogle; Lead Usher, Randy Durham; Greeter, Pat Milburn; Webcast (camera and sound) Richard Hyatt, Phaen Stone  
Lectionary: 1 Samuel 16:1-13, Psalm 23, Ephesians 5:8-14, John  9:1-41   
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