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If your picture is in it, your copy is in an envelope in the Gathering Place with your name on it. If not, you can still get one from the office.
Join us next Sunday, March 4th for our first Grace Full Sunday! After the 10am service we will gather for lunch together. The adults (and older teens if they choose) will have a taste of Theology Pub discussion during lunch. Younger youth will have their own kind of lunch fun! After lunch, there will be an Adult track, Youth track (grades 6-12) and a Children's track (grades K-5) of discussions/activities to follow. Childcare for children under kindergarten age will be available.

This is a wonderful opportunity for all of us to learn & grow together as a congregation. Please plan to join us! Click here for a flyer

You can get a copy of Meeting Jesus in the Gospel of John (recommended donation $3.50) or you can download book at link below. There will be groups Wednesdays at 11 a.m. (starting on the 21st) and Tuesdays, (starting on the 20th) at 7 p.m. or you can join at the link below to follow on line. You can sign up for daily emails and download the prayer diary,

A fun way to keep Lent and learn about Church History and examples of Holy Women and Holy Men of the past Lent Madness. A bracket modeled on March Madness invites us to learn the lives of saints and vote for our favorites. A Bracket is available at Grace and you can find Saintly Score Cards at church. The Bracket is outside the Finance Office. You can learn more here
Community Breakfast
Everyone is invited to this Community Breakfast hosted (at Grace) by #C4yourself church.

Wear your Grace T shirts!
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