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You have the opportunity to showcase the services you provide, once you graduate with the minimum of a Bachelor's degree.

The International Metaphysical Ministry respects a wide variety of approaches to metaphysical spirituality, as does its two Universities- the University of Metaphysics and the University of Sedona.

In the Graduates in Action Worldwide pages, IMM reserves the right to present the best possible image to the public to maintain a sense of professionalism, good taste, and judgment as to the subjects offered and their relationship to each other.

Presentation in Graduates in Action Worldwide is offered free of charge to graduates who qualify, and our staff will initially check and then periodically recheck the presentation to be certain professionalism is maintained.

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Moving from Temporal to Eternal
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When one contemplates eternity, it brings a sense of something that is timeless, without beginning or ending -- something that has always been and will always be. Let's step forward in concept and realize that all -- you, me, and everyone -- exist in and as a part of Eternity. In this earthly plane we exist in time and we are part of humanness -- but in Absolute Reality, we are existent within and as a part of Eternity.

Now Eternity and all that it is, has always existed and thus has had sufficient endless time to become conscious of itself. All timed existences, inclusive of humanity, are as thought processes moving within Eternity. Eternity or Eternal Life is another way of describing the Ultimate Life Consciousness of all that is, or --  God.

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