From the desk of Edgar Hicks
A year ago (January 11, 2016), Brett and I attended the meeting about TPP with Nebraska Congressman Brad Ashford and Trade Ambassador Darci Vetter at AGP headquarters. Today TPP, Ashford, and Vetter could not draw the same crowd. However, having a southerner as USDA Secretary (  Read article  ) may be positive for corn-belt states in terms of outreaching to show impartiality in the 2019 farm bill.

Recent events within the first week of our new administration draw thoughts of advice from leadership of Pillsbury's Grain Division in 1983 when traders where trying to get a handle on how to market grain when drought overwhelmed arbitraging in the USDA's Payment-In-Kind (PIK) program. I can still recall the corn traders market outlook ending with just - Proverbs 15:22. Which is..."Without counsel plans fail, but with many advisers they succeed".

There are so many new paradigms beyond just supply/demand (currency, government regulations, logistics, etc) coming down the line short/long term, how will your team prepare for the new communications, if they stick around (such as president's tweets) that will be acute injections to your business flow?

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