The Grand Opening of Sunlight Community Church Lake Worth is November 1!
It's  New Day!

God's message for us on Grand Opening day comes from Luke 15 and the story of the  Prodigal Son .  There are actually two wayward sons in that parable.  Jesus calls the broken and He also challenges those who think they have comfortably figured God out.  The father in the parable loves both his sons just as God loves both types of people: 1.)those who have blatantly disobeyed His commands and turned their backs on Him and 2.) those who work hard for Him, doing what they think He expects, only to self-righteously expect God to treat them as they deserve.
The story in Luke 15 ends with a party for one son while the other son, the "good" son, stubbornly refuses to join in the party. 
Jesus is challenging those who assume they are on the "inside" to humbly acknowledge that there is no way to earn God's grace.  For the past 9 months as we have prepared for Grand Opening, we have consistently said, "It is not about the outward changes to the building, to worship, to programs that will make the difference it is our willingness to be transformed by God's grace that will make all the difference."  We, as a church, must be willing to humble ourselves before God and cling to His grace.  
I want to thank all of you across the country who have prayed for the launch of this new church.  I do believe God has been transforming us as a community.  He has reminded us of our great need for His grace and He has given us a heart to have impact on this community. But we have only begun the journey, we have a long way to go. People often ask me how many I expect to come to Grand Opening.  I would be happy with one, one son or daughter who has wandered far and longs to come home. Pray with me for that one wayward child to come home.  I love to see the Father run to greet that child, as He ran to greet me!
"You're not ready yet..."

It has been an unsettling month.  We have not been holding corporate worship services during the month of October.  In my 20-something years of church leadership I have taken vacations but I have never led a church to "pause".  However, I do believe it is having some very important impact:
1. "Pistol" Pete Maravich was a legendary basketball player.  He tells a story from his youth when his father would not let him have a basketball.  His dad told him he wasn't ready yet and made him wait to have a ball.  By the time Pete finally got a basketball he wouldn't let go of it and it made all the difference in his life.  After a month without gathering for corporate worship, we have gained new appreciation for the profound importance of corporate worship in the life of a follower of Christ.  Once we have it again we will not let it go!
2. Visiting other churches has helped us see that God's Kingdom is larger than any one church.  We gather with other missional churches in this community to serve the King!
3. It is a great reminder that corporate worship is only a small part of what it means to follow Christ.  Our discipling relationships outside of corporate worship are vital to how we become fully devoted followers of Christ.
4. It is important we mark the end of what was and look ahead to what will be.  One of the greatest barriers for churches to have missional impact in their communities is a tiny little phrase that goes like this, "...but we've never done it that way...".  At least for a few months we won't be able to say that any more.  He is making all things new!
Praise & Prayer
  • Praise for a great Service of Thanks for 60 years of ministry for Lake Worth CRC.  We set up stones of remembrance to mark the moment.
  • Pray for final details to come together for Grand Opening. 
  • Praise for many great relationships we have built with people in the community who have helped us prepare for Grand Opening.
  • Pray for many sons and daughters to find their way home!
  • Praise that Jon Acosta has agreed to be our Worship Leader!
  • Pray the flyer will find it's way into the right people's hands.
  • Praise for friends and prayer partners from Orlando to Indiana coming to join us for Grand Opening.
  • Pray God will continue to do His work in us long after Grand Opening has come and gone.
Kris Vos - Sunlight Community Church 
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