the highest form of prayer
Gratitude… During this Holy Season, we take this moment to express our gratitude to each of you. To thank you for supporting the Center for Sacred Studies and the mission that guides us. Thank you for the many ways you show up when you hear the Call. Thank you for your selfless service to the Sacredness of Life and that which called us all here. Thank you for your songs, prayers, love, donations, good thoughts, activism, and volunteering you do. For this we have much gratitude in our hearts for you!
Thank you for your faith and belief that YOU do make a difference, because you do. 
You’ve made a difference as….
Our Mother Earth has been shifting and shaking - through earthquakes, hurricanes, floods and fire, while we reach out to one another responding with kindness and compassion.
Our systems are no longer serving, while we collectively chose not to break down but to ‘Break Through’ with solutions based on the Laws of Nature, encompassing Whole Systems.
Our challenges have brought Champions while we Stand Up for our Earth, Water, Air, Food, Human Rights, ALL Rights and Sacred Sites.
Our Collective Shadow acts out, while bringing forth Global Movements to sow the seeds of Healing, Unity, Peace, Hope, Compassion, Love and Harmony for all that is Sacred.
You’ve made a difference as….
A New Architecture is forming for CSS and the world as we wake up to our dreams and guidance showing how to co-create our future for our Mother Earth, the Next Seven Generations and beyond. We are excited about the many Points of Light that are being activated through your inspiration with new Centers being opened! Our Communities all over continue to grow stronger, and our community in the Czech Republic is now 18 years old!! We are in awe by the richness of this community as we continue to come together to pray, to support each other, to be inspired, and to take action!
You’ve made a difference as…
Our Global University
Ministry Training Program - in May of 2017 , we enrolled another two-year class that will graduate in 2019 through efforts of Hanayo & Sonja and many on the “Magical Mystical MTP Tour”. Many of our Ministers joined in the fun along the way. We are preparing for the graduation of our Ministers in April , 2018, making 228 Ministers of Walking Prayer . Our Ministers/Alumni are holding their own annual retreats. This year sharing a most auspicious ceremony to honor our Elders!
Stargate Mystery School Stargate is a 10 month Intensive Program, meeting 5 weekends/year. It was channeled through Jyoti and Russell 25 year ago and was the foundation that grew our global community. There has been a call to hold this Stargate Class this year. Wendy, Darlene and others will be holding the class beginning in February of 2018; enrollment is open until January 5 th . We will hold a Q&A on January 3 rd , welcoming you into the New Year.
Maitri Breathwork - Many Breathworks were held during the year with our Certified Maitri Breathworkers. Some of the newly certified Breathworkers in Prague began their work throughout the Czech Republic through the teachings of our elders Yvonna and Meenakshi. We are very grateful for those that show up to our Global Breathe-out Fundraisers. We are planning to have it on Kayumari's 23 nd Birthday, June 23, 2018 !
Children’s Stargate – We completed our 4th year with our Next 7 Generations, where they “Co-Created their World!” This year, Trish held the Children’s Stargate while we held two interwoven tracks for our Teens and our Younger "Old Ones”, taking in and outbreaths together. This work just blew us all away! And many thanks to a wonderful staff that holds all! 
Join us July 23 – 26, 2018!
Silent Retreats We continue to be instructed to create times of silence in sacred reciprocity for all of us. It is so needed. 2017 brought 3 such weekends. We have been asked to add another day to the retreat. We do our best to listen. Our next Silent Retreat is February 21-25, 2018. We have added Wednesday for 3 full days of being in the silence together. We are looking forward to meeting you there.  In addition, Silent Retreats will be held in late August in Prague and in early September in Switzerland.

 Spiritual Activisim Podcasts – A new and exciting Pod Cast program through our Wisdom Bridge Teleseminars through Margin’s vision! Listen to the first Pod Cast with Jyoti and stay tuned!
You’ve made a difference as…
Our Center & Store in Guerneville
The Center continues to be a gathering place for many different cultures to share knowledge, ceremonies, foster understanding all in an environment of healing, collaboration and sacred reciprocity. Valerie tends to the many workshops, circles, music and wisdom shared each month. Your participation has continued to make this grow.
Earth and Spirit Store - The store is rich in offerings from many different countries and nations. Most of the articles in the store are sold to benefit the regions and communities that they were made in. We have jumped into an online experience, with hopes that you will be able to purchase items from your own homes. We continue to make that better and better. In this age of computers and technology, I love giving gifts to my grandchildren that come from other walks of life, with a story to share (like the rice harvested & prayed over in Thailand to help benefit the Children’s Orphanage). Let’s share together!
You’ve made a difference as…
 The Fountain Project:  The Fountain for the Natural Order of Our Existence.
We continue to support the Black Hills Initiative in returning sacred lands to the stewardship of their natural indigenous guardians.  The 4th Annual Unity Concert took place in Piedmont S. Dakota in September this year. It has now been passed on to the youth who will be organizing it for next year!! During this most auspicious time, the International Indigenous Proclamation Protecting Sacred Site s was signed while two Golden Eagles flew overhead. It was a sacred moment, after we honored the 50+ water protectors that were at Standing Rock, to have the tribal leaders and elders sign this document , along with representatives from Australia, Columbia, Mexico and Tibet. Peter Yarrow and Jyoti were included in the signing as well. It was a very sacred moment.
We were able to support the activation of the Council of Twelve and Above at the UN this past November. ( ) A prayer that acknowledges the wisdom of Earth and those that guardian her. A prayer that calls on this wisdom to give direction in these changing times.
We continue to work to find the support needed to help indigenous elders take this direction to sacred sites globally activating them and bringing balance. To see the other initiatives the Fountain is partnered with please go to our website at .
You’ve made a difference as…
Camp for Peace – Liberia has graduated 30 more students in their rehabilitation and education project for former child soldiers in and around Liberia. Abel Learwellie and his volunteers have worked tirelessly to make sure that these students had the funding to make their transition possible. Through the growth in the community, the students have stepped up to give voice to a peaceful election process in 2017. Abel was asked to return to the United Nations in December of 2017 to offer a presentation on “Prevention in Sustaining Peace”.
Awakened Connections
AKHA Children’s Dream Home – Through your donations and monthly support, he initial phase of the Akha Children's Dream Home has been built! The main room and bathroom are complete and already in use. One of the lessons we receive from this community is love, from the adults who housed these children, to the children themselves. Many of them from completely different backgrounds now living together, playing together, eating together, helping one another.With generosity at this level, may it open our hearts, just a little bit more, and share in the opportunity to care about and care for one another. Across space, across culture, we know that we all equally have (one) heart.  
You’ve made a difference as…
The Center for Sacred Studies is delighted to partner with  The Shift Network and their mission to help humanity evolve and create a sustainable, healthy, peaceful and prosperous world. With collaboration and reciprocity, as a Shift Network Referral Partner, we can pick courses to pass on to our community. When you want to take that course, you simply enroll through our own ‘link’ and CSS receives an affiliate donation! We are very excited to continue this relationship and hope that you are too. To see the  current Live courses , Summits and  Evergreen Courses  we are partnered with, please go to our website at
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G ratitude, is the highest prayer, and our hearts are full of gratitude for each of you. Without you, we would not be able to continue this walk in this way. You are the richness in our tapestry of Life. May you have a most joyous Season, filled with good health and happiness. We look forward, with hope in our hearts and activism in our spirits, to the new year coming ahead. Together, we continue to make a difference!! 

With so much gratitude,
Darlene, Jyoti and all of our Staff & Board of Directors
The Center for Sacred Studies grew out of our Kayumari Community in 2001 to protect our ways of prayer. This created collaboration with the Global Community to serve our Earth-Based Initiatives , to honor our ceremonies in our Sanctuary , to inspire with our Global University through our Ministry and Educational programs, and to become advocates for Mother Earth through our Fountain Project.
The Center for Sacred Studies is dedicated to sustaining ways of life based on collaboration and reciprocity with the Earth and all Her beings.

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