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Happy Autumn - Fall Color and other Treasures!


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What a magnificent palette of colors, crisp weather and cozy blanketed nights in front of the fireplace. Don't you just love Autumn?

October 2014

Have you heard of the term Indigo Children?


Corinna Photo

Corinna Kromer 

Inspired Health  

Energy Medicine 

Who are they and how can you tell if YOU are an Indigo?


The requests for sessions by Indigo adults and children, as well as their more recent groupings of Crystal and Rainbow children have become more and more frequent in my practice, so I thought I'd share a little bit of information about these wonderful beings in order to shed some light for them and their parents who are curious and sometimes desperate to understand.


First off let me say that there isn't a ton of information out there about Indigos. However there are a few trusted sources that I know of and some that I will mention at the end of this blog and I will also share information from my personal experiences as a parent of such wonderful people.


The term Indigo has been used to describe a group of children that have been incarnating on this Earth since the 1960's and that are here with a mission and a purpose. Most Indigos are now in their early thirties as the major wave of them came in in the 1970's but a lot of them continued to come until about 2000 according to most sources.  


These kids  are highly sensitive and come in with enhanced technological and creative abilities. A lot of times they have been labeled autistic, ADD and ADHD because of their limited capacity to have social interactions, stay on task and their different and sometimes odd (to us) ways of dealing with the world around them. They are wired differently and as I have been told by one "our DNA is different". They see the world around them in a different way than most people; they have a broader view and different perspective. And the technological advances of our time is old news to them. Indigo's can feel things and know things without being able to explain how.


The Crystal children were the second wave of these sensitive children and started coming in around 2,000 when the Indigos started slowing down. This is a group of kids that are even more sensitive, very powerful, mentally and creatively, and are here to help us reach our next level of evolution. They are even more focused than their indigo counterpart and their demeanor is calmer and peaceful, with a loving heart, while they work as a collective consciousness to raise our vibration.


In this time of spiritual evolution the Indigos are now undergoing a spiritual upgrade so to speak. A transformation which is awakening the Christ within, the Love Force, that uplifts all consciousness. They are coming to be known as the Crystal children - an emerging group of "human angels" to help uplift and guide the human species into a higher state of being. The Crystal children have dropped the dark energy and the anger that a lot of the Indigos where carrying. They are highly telepathic and hence are often not great verbal communicators. For those of them that come in as new babies, they might take a while to start talking as they tend to communicate with their parents with their third eye, sending ideas and feelings to them in a quiet kind of way. They are filled with love, and their aura is bright and luminous. They have deep, meaningful eyes - the kind you would term an "old soul".


All of these individuals are highly empathic and very susceptible to other people's energy.  

If you feel overwhelmed when around a big group of people, such as school, work or social gatherings, then chances are your are a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP). An Indigo. A Crystal. A Rainbow. Or an Empath. This can cause a lot of distress if you do not know how to deal with such situations or how to protect yourself.  

People who are empathic have a tendency to take on other people's emotions and to feel the tension and emotions in the room. They can sense when things are off and can take on other people's burdens if they are lacking the tools to cope.  Now if you also happen to be an Empath, that means you are possibly also able to tap into other people's situations and thoughts more readily. Some traits that Empaths usually possess are similar to what we would term psychic. Empaths feel and just know things; they sense energy and emotions from far away. They are clairsentient, clairvoyant, sometimes clairaudient and their senses are activated by the unseen. To most people out there walking into a room full of other people is no big deal, but to a HSP or an Empath it can be extremely overwhelming and can create a panic attack. That's because once they walk through that door they are literally being bombarded by everyone's energy and emotions. If you are not trained to protect yourself, know how to rid yourself of dense energy that is stuck on you and have not been shown how to blend in without absorbing all that yuck, you are in major trouble.


Some of the most common traits of Indigo, Crystal or Rainbow children are as follows:

  • Have difficulty with discipline and authority
  • Are very creative
  • Communicate quietly
  • Can be easily distracted, lack concentration
  • Have strong empathy - are very empathic
  • Can get very angry and throw tantrums


Click her to read on about Indigo's and the traits that characterize them.�  

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me by phone or email.




Gifts & Things...
Chakra pillows
Chakra Pillows
Chakra Pillows
Inspiration lead me to create some fun things to share with clients and friends. One of my funnest projects, along with eye pillows and crystal pendulums, has been creating Chakra Pillows! These are small, colorful pillows ... read more

Eye pillows
These eye pillows are filled with lavender and are so relaxing....  The lavender comes from either my back yard blessed and grown organically or from the hills of Santa Fe, gathered with awe and blessed by a Shaman. Gently place it on your eyes and enjoy a peaceful and calming sleep. Some of the therapeutic properties of lavender oil are antiseptic  ... read more

Pendulums Unique Mediterranean creations with beads, crystals and rocks from Greece. Enjoy the unique frequencies of this beautiful country that emanates from each rock. Each pendulum is also infused with healing energies for your continued pleasure for years to come.
When I need to relax I create. Some of these pendulums are made with beautiful crystals and others with gorgeous beach rocks that I hand picked from the beaches in Greece ... read more 

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Isn't it refreshing to walk into a room and smell a beautiful aroma or feel the cleanliness of the air? These Room Spritzers are a natural way to clear a smell, spray your sheets and laundry or calm a mood. A wonderful way to enhance your mood and use for aromatherapy. Use for body, home, office or car. Enjoy natural Room Spritzers without chemicals made from therapeutic grade essential oils. I have several scents available or I can also customize to fit your needs.

Varieties: Stay Healthy, Spice for more 
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