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Great News from Youth Alive - Kevin Zurrica

Kevin Zurrica invites you to celebrate with Youth Alive. 
Prepare Enrich Certification

Get certification in using one of the most effective tools available to provide feedback to premarital and married couples.  Learn to help couples identify their strengths and growth areas such as Communication, Conflict Resolution, Spiritual Beliefs,and Financial Management.   
Youth Retreat - Avalanche 2018

This year's winter retreat for youth is going to be a blast! A great time to start the year with powerful teaching and awesome worship. Have your youth join us this January at Rumney Bible Conference Center.   
Keep in mind...

              2   Prepare Enrich Certification - Sturbridge, MA
              2   School of Ministry - Sturbridge, MA            
              2   School of Ministry - Spanish - Lowell, MA                        
              9   Youth Alive - 7 Project Luncheon - Sturbridge, MA
            14   Catalyst Conversation - Sturbridge, MA
            25   Christmas             

            11   SNEMN Day of Prayer - Sturbridge, MA             
            20   School of Ministry - Providence, RI            
            27   School of Ministry - Sturbridge, MA           
            27   School of Ministry - Spanish - Lowell, MA