• We just scored an exclusive closeout deal on the silver color of the Scorpion EXO-T1200 touring helmets!  All available helmets are now in our Texas warehouse, and you have a full size run to choose from.  

  • Get one of the nicest helmet bags we've seen and at a fantastic price!
MSRP $299.95
Availability:  All size XS through XXL in stock
This helmet has great features for any type of street riding.  It features a light weight composite shell and internal sun shield.  Also you can fine tune the fit in this helmet with inflatable cheek pads. Detailed features are explained in Scorpion's video:
We've had some really nice feedback on this helmet model; these comments were on different graphics, but they're appropriate for this color as well

H ere's what Derek E. had to say:
Awesome helmet and a great update to the EXO-1100
This is the fourth Scorpion helmet I've purchased over the last 4 or so years (upgrades/style changes and a helmet for a friend) and this one is by far the most comfortable and flows the most air. I currently have the EXO-1100 and now the T1200 and the difference in quality and comfort is shocking...  All in all, I'm incredibly impressed with this helmet and will continue to use Scorpion helmets.

Jackie also gave it five stars and had this comment:

The fit was perfect. I've never had a more comfortable helmet. The air vents work very well. I highly recommend this helmet.

Store  and carry your new helmet safely and conveniently!

This is a really well made helmet bag with a plush interior and with extra storage.  A few years back, Scorpion included them in the box with all EXO-T1200 and EXO-GT3000 helmets, but to control the helmet prices, they now offer them separately.   Add one to your helmet order, you'll be glad you did!
MSRP $29.95
Here's what Tracy V. had to say:  A very nice helmet bag.   This bag is such a simple thing. Most riders will never need it. But if you travel like I do to find great riding all across the US, flying in and renting bikes, or merely tossing your $$$$$$ helmet (Sena, H.A.R.D. radar) into the back of a pickup, it's so much better than the flimsy bag that comes with your helmet. In addition to protecting your  lid, the bag provides a nice bit of storage for gloves, a spare visor, a radar detector...or whatever small accompaniments you think need to go with your helmet. It's a great bag to take on an airplane, because of the funny looks you get when carrying your precious bucket into the cabin. This helmet bag is--like I said--such a simple thing, but it makes life easier AND protects your expensive helmet. 
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