• Two colors/graphics from Scorpion went on sale last week, so we grabbed a batch to offer up to you!  

  • REVIT Sand 3 gloves are the hot item this spring.  Other stores don't have them but we do!

  • Nice new jacket from AGV for the touring rider/commuter.  Great value!  See our product review below.
The EXO-R410 is Scorpion's best selling street/sport helmet.  Only the Silver color is priced like this.   This one has emergency release cheek pads.  
The EXO-R710 upgrades you to a light weight fiberglass shell and also has the emergency release system.  
Promo!  Get our Helmet Friendly sunglasses and a $15 MotorcycleGear store credit FREE! with kit purchase

These helmets are all included in the LidPicker sizing database.   T his information can be useful if you like how one model fits you and want to know if another model is in the same "ball park" with regard to overall shape.

A Lid Picker Report prepared for you will show how your own head shape compares to each model in much finer detail.

Nice helmet bag, plush interior and zippered pocket on the outside for extra storage!
These gloves are about the most heavy duty summer glove I can think of. Most of the back of the hand is vented. Certainly the meshy material around the molded rubber armor pieces is, but even the molded armor is vented! So on the back of the hand, where the air flow is most prominent from the wind blast, you’ll get nearly 100% flow.  (click through for more!)
New Product Reviews
Great value in a touring/commuter jacket from AGV Sport! 

AGV Sport Tundra Jacket

The AGV Sport Tundra jacket is a great choice for the budget conscious touring or commuting rider. It packs a lot of features and convenience into a relatively low cost package. This jacket offers the standard solid textile shell coupled with a full body waterproof/breathable liner that is permanently situated between the jacket’s outer shell and the inside mesh lining. This type of waterproofing will be the MOST water tight of any type since there are no zippers, snaps, seams through the liner material that would tend to compromise its waterproof capability. But even if a jacket has zippered venting features, the air entering through said vents does not pass all the way through the jacket to your skin, and therefore the zippered venting is only partially effective for cooling. So with the vents as a plus, but the liner as a barrier, I’d recommend this jacket for all but the hottest weather use. Long-distance riders will love all the storage. Other nice features: a standup collar with a rolled edge of soft material on the upper edge and a hold-back snap when you don’t want to be fully buttoned up; reflectives, front and back; and a large fanny pocket for more storage....( more)
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