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Photo of Bridge
Photo from the river
Members on Northampton Street affected by the closing of the bridge.

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Welcome to the Manhan Bridge Construction Newsletter.

Welcome to the first edition of the Greater Easthampton Chamber of Commerce, Manhan Bridge Construction Newsletter. The Chamber has been working with the MassDOT for several months in an effort to be up to date on the upcoming Manhan Bridge Construction Project. The Chamber is looking to help keep the entire community updated as this main artery into and out of Easthampton is impacted. 

This first issue includes links to several news articles as well as links to State Documents that include information on the Accelerated Bridge Construction.
As of this update the project is already underway. Before any work can be done on the bridge itself, several intersections upgrades need to be completed. There will be permanent street lights placed on the corner of O'Neil and Northampton Street as well as West Street and Northampton Street. In addition a temporary light will be installed on Pleasant and Ferry Street. Until these three lights are installed the bridge will NOT be removed.  
Over the next few weeks and months the utility services will be working on the intersections. Western Mass Electric, Verizon, Charter and Columbia Gas have been working in the area of O'Neil Street and will continue working on Ferry and West Street intersections in preperations for the bridge closure sometime in the spring of 2013.   
We anticipate this newsletter will be updated monthly until the project is completed. 
Manhan Bridge facing North November 2012
Manhan Bridge facing North
Links to project information. 
Over the last year there have been several stories in the local media related to this project. We have included links that include details about the project as well as several links about the Accelerated Bridge Construction technique.
The Chamber worked with City and State Officials in organizing a forum to discuss the Manhan Bridge Project. Here are links to local media reports on the event. 
Bridge from the Manhan River
Bridge from river
Manhan Bridge facing South
Bridge facing south

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Patrick Brough
President, Greater Easthampton Chamber of Commerce
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