Green Coffee Bean Extract with Svetol
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Dr. Oz Called Green Coffee Bean a 'Magic Bean'!

Doctors as well as the media have been talking about the effects of the Green Coffee Bean Extract. Dr Oz called it a "magic bean" on his "Five Fastest Fat Burners" segment recently and mentioned that this is supplement is the fastest fat burner available. Even though it is a coffee bean, this supplement is not potent in the same way as coffee. You will not get jittery and you will not get a raised heart rate. Instead, there are even studies that show that this extract can help lower blood pressure!


What the Green Coffee Bean Extract does do is boost the metabolism. It is said that the compound Chlorogenic Acid, found in the bean extract, helps the body keep glucose levels regulated and speeds up the metabolism. Because of this, Chlorogenic Acid helps the body burn more calories even at rest.


So, the question becomes why a supplement? Why wouldn't you simply drink coffee made from the Green Coffee Bean, or just simply eat the bean itself? The answer is twofold. While the Chlorogenic Acid is extremely effective, once the bean is roasted to make coffee, the compound is no longer intact. In order to get this compound effectively, you would have to eat the bean or take a supplement. The raw bean itself has an extremely bitter taste and many find it difficult to ingest. As a result, a supplement is truly the best route to go.


Our natural supplement contains 600mg of pure Green Coffee Bean Extract with 200mg of Svetol´┐Ż Green Coffee Bean Extract per veggie capsule with no fillers, binders, or artificial ingredients. These all which were recommended by Dr. Oz himself.

Green Coffee Bean Extract
Green Coffee Bean Extract

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