The Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority (PWSA) has three green infrastructure projects under construction in three different Pittsburgh neighborhoods. Collectively these projects will reduce combined sewer overflows (CSO) by 2,350,000 gallons per year. These Green First stormwater solutions are the start of many more innovative and cost-effective projects. PWSA has several more scheduled for 2018. As more green infrastructure projects are complete, they will create a network throughout Pittsburgh that will work together to manage stormwater, improve water quality, and improve the quality of life throughout our neighborhoods. Below is a quick update on the projects currently under construction.

Centre Avenue and Herron Avenue, Hill District
This project will direct stormwater into a cascading bioswale with underground water storage. When heavy rains occur, the bioswales located along the road will capture excess water and transfer it through a series of pools and waterfalls to the underground storage unit. Plants and permeable soils will absorb water, while additional stormwater is slowly released into the sewer system. These systems will reduce flooding and is estimated to reduce CSOs by 750,000 gallons of water per year.

Construction of this project is currently 65-percent complete. Contractors have completed installation and backfill of Basin 1 underground stormwater tanks and has completed the sidewalk restoration at the Robinson Street Extension. They are currently working on the final site grading near Basins 1 and 2, installation of concrete landscape edging, and completing the sidewalks and curbing along Centre Avenue.

Additional work includes forming and pouring the concrete weir structure near Basin 1 and beginning installation of permeable brick pavers. Visit PWSA online for more information about the construction of the Centre Avenue and Herron Avenue project .

Hillcrest Street, Garfield
Sitting high on top of a hill in the Garfield neighborhood, this project at Hillcrest Street is converting vacant lots into a stormwater park that will feature rain gardens, bioretention systems, and new trees. The site will capture runoff from the neighborhood during rain events and will be equipped to reduce CSOs by approximately 800,000 gallons of stormwater per year. The project utilizes two vacant lots to slow and retain stormwater runoff. Community input during the design phase informed the project, and it aligns with goals to improve public spaces throughout the neighborhood.

Construction of the Hillcrest project is approximately 50% complete. The contractor has completed installation and backfilling around the underground stormwater tank for System 1, and the new catch basins at Systems 1 and 3 are complete and ready for final tie-in to the sewer system. Remaining work throughout the project includes sidewalk installation, construction of concrete curbs, surface restoration, and water control structures. More information about the Hillcrest project is available on PWSA's website.

Melwood Avenue and Finland Street, Polish Hill
This project in Polish Hill will improve curbing and inlets on a steep slope to reduce the risk of uncontrolled stormwater runoff. The project includes repaving Finland Street from Bigelow Boulevard to Melwood Avenue, installing a new curbline to improve stormwater management and refurbishing the Apollo Street staircase with rain gardens and bioretention systems along the sidewalk. This project is estimated to reduce approximately 800,000 gallons of combined sewer overflows.

This project is approximately 5% complete. During the week of November 13th, the contractor plans to fully mobilize the construction site to work on Systems 1 and 2. This area of the project is the focus for the remainder of 2017 and work on Systems 3, 4, and 5 will begin in 2018. More information about the Melwood and Finland project, is also available on PWSA's website.