Rectangular bubble-tight damper designed for isolation or decontamination applications, Vari-Green® Drive and Blast Damper Test Video

Rectangular bubble-tight damper designed for isolation or decontamination applications and Vari-Green® Drive

Model HBT-221 is a rectangular bubble-tight damper utilizing rectangular blades. True rectangular blade design allows for lower pressure drop than bubble-tight dampers with circular or oval blade designs. Model HBT-221 features a blade seal mechanically fastened to the blade that is field replaceable and a flanged damper frame for easy mounting, and is available with a full range of electric, pneumatic or manual actuator options.

Each damper unit is factory-tested to ensure bubble-tight leakage performance per AMCA 500-D up to 10 in. wg (2.5 kPa) prior to shipping. Designed for isolation or decontamination applications, the HBT-221 damper is ideal for medical facilities, universities, test laboratories, and food processing.

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Vari-Green® Drive added to Vari-Green line

The Vari-Green® Drive is a factory-mounted and wired variable speed control for three-phase motors up to 10HP. Internally mounted within the fan housing, the Vari-Green Drive virtually eliminates voltage spikes that can contribute to motor performance issues and motor failure. The Vari-Green Drive optimizes energy savings and efficiency of ventilation systems in a variety of applications.

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HBS Series Blast Damper Testing

Blast protection solutions with our HBS series dampers. These dampers can be used in both intake and exhaust applications and in multiple mounting orientations.

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Online Courses - Earn PDH

Fan Accessories - Most fans have common accessories that can be added to the basic model if required. This module will cover the following fan accessories: Electrical controls, Guards, Dampers and Vibration isolation.

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Manufacturing Day℠ - Manufacturing Day occurs on the first Friday in October and is a celebration of modern manufacturing meant to inspire the next generation of manufacturers.

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