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Pastor's Letter

July 20, 2016

Dear Friends,

    As I mentioned on Sunday, I will be out of town for a couple of weeks, taking my mother on vacation to Nova Scotia, Canada.   Please keep us in prayer for safe travel. 
    If you have a pastoral emergency, please call Kathy Clark at the church's office and leave a message;  or call her at 703-505-3492. Pastoral care is available.  I will also be calling in from time to time.
    During this time,  Joe Hepler, one of the Trustees and Dan Lees, Buckhall's Lay Leader, will bring the messages  on those Sundays I'm away.   They each have a deep, dynamic faith; and I know you will be blessed.
    May the less hectic schedule of the summer provide an opportunity for you to deepen your relationship with God.
Yours in Christ,

New Worship Service to begin:
  On September 4th we are introducing a new worship service to our Sunday morning line-up.  The new service will at 10:00am and will be a modern service, which will complement our two traditional services. 
Beginning, September 4th our Sunday morning schedule will be:
8:30am - Traditional worship service (note the earlier time)
10:00am - Modern worship service
11:15am - Traditional worship service
Sunday school for children and youth will continue at 10:00am.  Adult small groups may also meet at 10:00am,  though some may choose to meet at another time on Sunday morning.
Your Help is Needed to Make this a Success 
Be a part of the Alive 25
Be one of 25 people who agree to attend both a traditional worship service and the new modern service each Sunday for 6 months.  This helps to insure that both services have critical mass, which is attractive to visitors.
Help Name the New Service
Rather than call the new service the 10:00am modern service; we'd like the service to have a name, ie. - Crossroads, The Way, The Journey, Renew, Rejoice..........  It should be a name that connotes hope.  
Please submit names to pastor@buckhall-umc.org .  
Help the Communications Committee provide in-house publicity to  insure people know about the service and that our signs/brochures/cards reflect the new worship line-up
Work with the Communications Committee and the Publicity Task Force to get the word out in the community regarding the new service. 
Be a Part of the Hospitality Team
We need First Impression greeters, ushers, people to hand out "first time visitor gifts".  
Help insure we have fresh coffee/tea/beverage and re-freshed food items following that new service. 
Help with Worship
Help with planning worship (meets at least monthly) and help to  implement the creative ideas for worship. 
Be a part of the tech team who runs the equipment or puts together the worship slides, or runs the slides during worship.  We'd like to get a number of people for this tech team so they can rotate Sundays.     
To volunteer for these please e-mail pastor@buckhall-umc.org   Thank you for your consideration. 
Why are we doing this?    We are doing this as way to reach out to our neighbors.  The main demographic of our neighbors within a 2-mile radius of the church is composed of 3 segments - Flourishing families (Generational Soup), Booming with Confidence (Silver Sophisticates), and Promising Families (Fast Track Couples).  These are described as affluent couples and multi-generational families living a wide range of life styles in the suburbs.  Because of the generational differences, we believe that it would be helpful to offer diversity in worship in order to meet the worship needs of people who may be looking for something different than traditional worship. 
Coming Attractions
Sunday, July 20th @ 8:45am and 11:15am.  Joe Hepler to bring the message.        
@ 10:00am  -  Sunday school for children and youth.



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