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To support and advance the professional development of affiliate members in their efforts to provide quality care and education for the children of New Hampshire.
Vice President's Address
The phone calls have subsided, and the television, radio and snail mail propaganda adds are quiet for now...but the work still continues!  

Greetings from Washington DC!

This month NHAEYC visits our nation's capital with our very own public policy team! Myself, Gina Apgar and MaryLou Beaver are attending t he 2016 Public Policy Forum in Washington DC

The agenda began Sunday, February 28, with an exciting half-day session on electoral advocacy. On Monday, February 29, we attended expert policy briefings with guest speakers, and interactive breakout sessions for all state team members, providing many opportunities for networking and learning. Today, Tuesday, March 1, we will experience Hill Day, building relationships with our Representatives, Senators and/or their staff.

NHAEYC will join our national organization, NAEYC, over the next year to focus strategic efforts on public policy and advocacy efforts. So, whether you are a current member or future member, this in an opportunity for you to join us in our pledge to highlight the value of the work we do, the importance of quality early care and education, and advocate for our continued professional growth and development!  
There are many benefits to becoming a member, and membership is power

I've been passionate about public policy and advocating for our profession, since a training I attended with MaryLou last year. Feeling empowered and yearning to know more, I've devoted time to learning about our nation's view point on education and understanding where dollars are allocated.

I asked myself one question, " What will I do?" I recognized that we all are advocates every single day. We work hard to teach, inspire, and support our field. We support children, families and our allied professionals. As educators we make a difference every single day! I believe the world should be as fired up as we (early childhood professionals) are about the importance of early childhood education and the early years being the learning years. 

NAEYC knows and understands this, but do our representatives? My pledge is to make sure our voices are heard while here, in Washington DC, and I am excited for this opportunity. I have such a sense of awe for our nation's capital, and the history of this land; the ground I am standing on today. My feeling of patriotism is profound, with a loyalty not only to our country, but also to our field! I am honored to be here on your behalf. 

I look forward to bringing back knowledge, momentum, and our results from our advocacy efforts. Stay tuned for exciting developments from our grassroots campaigns, as we continue to let our voices be heard!

Kindest Regards,
Jessica Rice, Vice President

5 Ways to Educate, Advocate and Support in 2016

5. Register for NAEYC's 2016 Public Policy Forum 
Join fellow NAEYC members in Washington, DC from February 28 - March 1, 2016! Your presence and perspective are critical, as we explore everything from electoral advocacy to policy that advances the profession. To learn more, please visit our Public Policy Forum webpage and to register, please contact your State Affiliate, who will provide you with an online registration link (note that the registration deadline is January 29). See you in February in Washington, DC! 
The deadline has passed, but luckily there are a number of other ways to be involved. Ask us how to get involved! Let your voice be heard.
4. Join Early Ed for President 
Our nation is coming ever closer to electing a new leader - and it's our collective responsibility to make sure that all the presidential candidates promote the power of early learning on the road to the White House. Support the effort by donating $16 for 2016 - or, if you can't donate at this time, simply join our e-mail list and make sure you "support $16 for 2016 and Early Ed for President" to receive email newsletters and updates throughout the campaign. 
3. Go to a Public Meeting for Your State's CCDF Plan 
The implementation of the Child Care and Development Block Grant is one of the most important opportunities we currently have to impact child care and early learning across the country. Children, families and educators need you to show up for them - and that means literally showing up for the public meetings being held in all states as they prepare to submit their FY 2016-2018 CCDF Plans to the Administration for Children and Families. Thanks to the Early Care and Education Consortium for collecting the dates of those meetings (some of which have happened already) and making them public here. Send an email to  mhickey@ececonsortium.org to get on their list and stay up-to-date as new meetings are added. 
2. Read the Proposed CCDBG Regulations - and Share Your Thoughts 
Didn't get to it over the holidays? We understand. They're long. They're also very important - and luckily for you, there's still time to read them (although not much)! In case you missed it, the Administration for Children and Families released the Notice of Proposed Rule Making (NPRM) for CCDF regulations, with changes that are designed to protect the health and safety of children in child care; help parents make informed consumer choices; and access information to support child development; provide equal access to stable, high quality child care for low-income children; and enhance the overall quality of child care and the early childhood workforce. We will be working, along with other organizations, to offer our members and Affiliates structured opportunities to learn more and share their thoughts on the proposed regulations over the next several weeks (so keep your eyes open), but if you've got burning comments or questions before then, please feel free to send an email to  advocacy@naeyc.org anytime! 
1. Try One New Thing to Advance The Profession 
Maybe you feel comfortable sending emails, but you don't like calling your representatives. Maybe you like calling, but you've never joined Twitter. Maybe you're great on social media, but you've never attended a public meeting. Maybe you always attend public meetings, but you've never brought anyone new to the table. So let's all make one final shared resolution: regardless of where we live and work, regardless of what our roles are, or how long we've been in the field, we commit, as advocates and champions, to try one new thing this month (i.e., make a phone call, join Twitter, attend a meeting, reach out to someone new) that advances our profession and moves us forward together. 
Early Bird Registration is NOW OPEN for our Annual Spring Conference! 

Top 10 Reasons to attend this year's 
NHAEYC Spring Conference:

10.   There is plenty of fun and meeting new and reacquainted colleagues.
9. You won't find better training and learning experience ANYWHERE!  Your Conference Committee spent untold hours planning the most wonderful time for every one of you!
8. There are snacks aplenty to keep you energized throughout the day!
7. You will get so many tools to come home with that you'll be setting off metal detectors everywhere you go!
6. We have an AWESOME Keynote speaker; Vincent Nunes coming in to share his world renowned wisdom with us and he is funny, powerful and sings and he knows A LOT about kids!
5. WHOA!!!!! Wait a minute....so you can get 6 ½  hours in a day ....all fun, all easy and TONS of variety....like one stop shopping to get your training hours!!!
4. Yoga, Curriculum and Theory are all coming to town! Yes! You heard me right!  Come spend the day and fall in love with your job all over again and return really understanding your kids!
3. The early bird registration is coming up, be on the watch out...we have just under three weeks before that goes away!!! So sign up now...plus our sessions do fill fast so get in quick before your first choices are gone!
2. We have tried to make everything easy and accessible for all! All sessions' right together in one building!!! YIPPPEEE!!!
1. You just have to be there! We have the latest and greatest research, curriculum ideas, classroom and environment ideas all being brought to you. This year we have all original presentations!!! Never been seen in NH before sessions!!!

For information, and to sign up for the conference visit:  www.nhaeyc.org
Interested in helping? C ontact Conference staff: springconference@nhaeyc.org


It's 2016, and our nation is coming ever closer to electing a new leader. Amidst the opportunities and challenges, the competing priorities, and the tumbling voices, we must work together  to ensure that early childhood education-and early childhood educators-stand up and stand out!

Early Ed for President is the beginning of an ongoing effort, powered by NAEYC, funded by the  $16 for 2016 campaign, and open to all individuals and organizations across the country. 

We encourage you to stay connected, engaged, and advocate! 

Thank you for joining us in a collective effort to ensure that all the
presidential candidates promote the power of early learning
on the road to the White House.

It's time to vote for #earlyedin2016

Hi Friends! 

Please sign on to a letter (link below) to Senator Ayotte and Senator Shaheen asking them to support and consider becoming a co-sponsor of Senator Casey's Child C.A.R.E. Act legislation - S. 2539, to help children and their families gain access to quality child care. 

You may sign on as an individual and/or as an organization.

The letters with all signatures will be hand delivered to the Senators in the Washington, DC offices on Tuesday, March 1st.

Please click  HERE to add your information.
Thank you!

Dear Senator,

As your constituent, I urge you to support and co-sponsor the "Child Care Access to Resources for Early-learning Act (the Child C.A.R.E. Act)," sponsored by Senator Bob Casey - S.2539 - to help children and their families gain access to quality child care.
High-quality child care and early education is a non-partisan issue. It not only promotes a child's development, but it also helps support parents who are struggling to balance work and family. 

Investments made when children are very young will generate returns that accrue over a child's entire life. Research has shown that high-quality early childhood programs contribute to stronger families, greater economic development and more-livable communities. Economists have estimated the rate of return for high-quality early intervention to be in the range of 6-10 percent per annum for children in disadvantaged families, and long-term returns on investment as high as 16 percent.

This legislation will have an enormous impact for families, especially those with very young children. For many parents it will enable them to gain access to affordable, high-quality child care for the first time. A safe, nurturing environment that enriches children's development is critical to working families and is one of the best investments we can make in our economy.

Thank you for your support to positively change the trajectory for many of New Hampshire's children and their families.
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