Bicycle Boxes Coming to Ohio, GroundWork, Issue 15

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Issue 15:  Bicycle Boxes Coming to Ohio!
What is a Bicycle Box?
Nope, it’s not where you store your bike. A bike box is a portion of an intersection that allows bicyclists to position themselves in front of motor vehicle traffic at an intersection. ODOT recently asked for and received statewide approval from the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) for the optional use of bicycle boxes on public roads in the state!

How Does That Work?
By providing space for bicyclists in front of stopped traffic at signalized intersections, bicycle boxes help prevent right-hook conflicts, improve bicyclist visibility and provide bicyclists priority at signalized crossings.

What to Do if You Want to Install a Bike Box in
Your Community:
  1. Contact your ODOT District Traffic Engineer to assure proper tracking for FHWA

  2. Describe where the bike box will be used

  3. Maintain and continually update list of locations

  4. Agree to restore the site if interim approval is not made permanent

How to Get FHWA Experimentation Approval
Do you have an infrastructure treatment or traffic control device you think would be great to use in your community but isn’t MUTCD-compliant?

Agencies can apply for FHWA Experimentation Approval on roadways for which they have jurisdiction using this guidance. Please copy your ODOT District Traffic Engineer when working with the FHWA to get approval for experimental infrastructure.

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