Lake Worth Restart - April Prayer Update


Growing Dependence


Being in a place of dependence on God is a big part of Church Planting as well as Church ReStarting.  Whether we realize it or not, it is a part of everyday life!  But there are times in life when God brings that awareness of dependence home in a way that we really feel it.  Here are some ways God is reminding us of our dependence on Him at Lake Worth:

1. We are in the process of trying to identify priorities for repairs and upgrades to our facility.  As I write this I have had the A/C repair guys out 3 times for my office (I know my friends up north who still have snow on the ground are saying boohoo for you!).  The facility has some years on it and things keep breaking down.  Beyond basic repairs we need some serious upgrades to the facility as well.  The needs go beyond what our finances will currently allow. So we trust Him to show us the way and to provide the finances.

2. I have asked you to pray for a gifted worship leader.  To date we are still waiting.  We have a great team of committed people who lead worship for us each week but a leader is an important next step for us.  I know God has someone in store of us but I wish He would let us in on His plans. I have some very thin leads but nothing solid.  In the meantime, we wait, pray and trust.

3. My real passion is to get to know unchurched people in this community.  I am in my 4th month and I ask myself, "Why don't I know more people?" , "Why haven't I had more spiritual conversations with the unchurched people I do know?"  I am going to the right places and initiating conversations with the right people in my path.  It just takes time. I need to trust His timing and trust the movement of His Spirit in the process.  While I keep leaning into the mission before me each day.

4. Though we had high hopes of merging with Comunidad Cristiana that does not seem to be coming to fruition.  While God is providing other potential Hispanic leaders to join our team we are sorry that the relationship with Comunidad Cristiana seems to be on hold for the moment.

I thank God that He has put us in this place of dependence on Him.  This place of dependence is where we learn to keep Him as our source.  Having an awareness of our dependence on Him keeps us praying, and that is something our heavenly Father loves to see us do.

At our Maundy Thursday Service we gathered to remember Christ's suffering.  We wrote our sins and our burdens on slips of paper and nailed them to the cross.  It was a powerful reminder of Christ's suffering on our behalf.  I won't bore you with my sins but as I ponder these areas of dependence on God I want to nail them to the cross of Christ and firmly grasp the promise of the resurrection.


ReStart Training - Outreach
Do we really need to be trained to do outreach?  I mean, we all know that is what we should do and we all know how, basically, it should be done right?  Well, one of the greatest pitfalls of any church is what's called Evangelism Entropy. Evangelism Entropy happens when we let the urgency of our mission slip to the sidelines.  We allow this entropy to happen in our lives both individually and corporately.  Individually we get busy with our everyday lives and we simply stop caring about our neighbors and co-workers.  We stop praying for them, we stop looking for opportunities to know them better and invite them for dinner.  Life is busy!  Who has time for that stuff, right?  Before you know it we look around at our lives and we can't find a friend that we are actively praying would come to know Christ.
We do the same thing corporately.  We get busy doing the work of the church and we stop asking the questions, "How would an unchurched person experience this ministry."  Or, "How are we getting the word out to our community that they are welcome here?"  Or, "How are we going out into the community to bring God's presence to the people of Lake Worth?"  Entropy isn't something we set out to do (it is, by definition, a gradual decline into disorder) it just creeps in when we stay busy doing all the things that demand our attention.  Living the mission is one of the things in life that we must constantly push because it falls into that dreaded category of "very important" but "not urgent".  I need constant reminders in my life that push the mission to the forefront of my life. How about you? 
Pray for our next ReStart Training that will focus on Mission and Outreach on April 15.


Priority Prayer Needs
  • Praise for a great Easter service.  More people than we expected and great potential for next year's Easter service.
  • Praise for continued participation of our current leaders and new leaders in ReStart Training.
  • Praise for a great spirit of renewal among our team.  There is a profound sense that God is doing good things.
  • Prayers as we feel the impact of our winter residents leaving for the Spring/Summer.
  • Pray that our financial support will grow.  We praise God for the financial support of our sponsoring church in Port St. Lucie but we need to continue to grow our partners and our local giving.
  • Pray for Deb as she prepares for her test for becoming a certified teacher in Florida.
  • Praise that Krista was not hurt in her car accident this past month and that the Lord helped us find a replacement for the car.
  • Pray for me as I travel to Grand Rapids later this month to train church planters.

Kris Vos
1325 North A Street
Lake Worth FL 33460
" the peace and prosperity of the city to  which I have carried you into exile.  Pray to the Lord for it, for if it prospers, you too will prosper."  Jeremiah 29:7

Gathering and nurturing God's growing family.