July 2014


Gubbio Registry 


Gubbio isn't getting married; but we do now have a registry! After attending a wedding this summer, a Gubbio volunteer came to us with an idea, "Why don't we set up a registry for Gubbio!?" 


Because of this thoughtful and creative volunteer, Gubbio now has its very own registry at myregistry.com. There you'll find supplies we buy regularly and items we can't afford to buy. You can pick out something that has personal significance for you and know that you are buying the type of supply that we (and those we serve) need. 


A registry allows you to see the direct benefit of small donations (or big ones!). Even if you can only buy one pack of toothbrushes or one box of gloves, you know you've had a concrete impact. 


To browse the registry click here


If you have suggestions of other items to add to the registry email emmaf@thegubbioproject.org.

Reflection from Amanda Smith, 

Gubbio Intern 

 Amanda (with arrow) and other Gubbio staff and volunteers at the Gubbio 10 year anniversary event in March. 

I can't believe that it's been almost a year since I first stepped inside The Gubbio Project. Having never been to San Francisco, or even California, I knew this was going to be an adventure, I just wasn't sure in what ways. With no real experience working with folks in extreme poverty for longer than a day or two, I had no idea how this was going to go.   
Since being here, I've gotten the chance to take on various job titles such as "supply sergeant" and "possibly the 3rd best hospitality monitor" (only in my dreams could I top Carlos or Tina). But in my eyes, the biggest duty I've had this year has been to be a student. I had so much to learn in such a short amount of time. My biggest take away? People simply want an opportunity to exist. Whether it's a wave on the sidewalk or a 'good morning' at a Friday breakfast, people need the affirmation that they are not invisible. During my first week, Tina gave me a piece of advice which has lasted me the whole year: try to remember and use peoples' names. One gentleman, who is a semi-regular guest, is thrilled, and even brags, that I remember his name. This is a seemingly mundane experience to most but it can make his day just to be known.  
I can't say how thankful I am to have been part of the Gubbio community for the past year. Laura, Carlos, Tina and Emma, along with the rest of the staff and volunteers, made me part of the team from the first day and helped me to have one of my most challenging but rewarding years. I'm sad to be leaving but very excited to see where Gubbio is headed!

-Amanda Smith
Got Painting, Caulking or Plumbing Skills?

We are looking for a volunteer to help us with renovation of our bathrooms. The Gubbio Project bathrooms see 300 visits a day! We fill a human need and improve our neighborhood by allowing public use of our bathrooms. And now we need to keep them looking fine. 

If you have skills that you think might be helpful in fixing up our restrooms, please email: lauras@thegubbioproject.org.

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Spotlight on Chris and Megan
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Spotlight on Chris and Megan 

Megan Wilson and Christopher Statton have been involved with The Gubbio Project for the last few months as part of our fund development and general support teams. 

Often working collaboratively, they have both been involved with many non-profits and arts organization in San Francisco including the Clarion Alley Mural Project and the Roxie Theater. 

In Megan's words she was drawn to be involved with Gubbio because, "We all deserve to be housed, to be loved, to be warm, to be cared for and to have a safe space." 

Echoing this sentiment, Chris says, "the project is open to everyone. Everyone should be treated with dignity. That is rare and it's what I'm excited about; helping to foster that in this program and, in general, that mentality."

Chris and Megan also noted that recent changes in SF have affected low-income people. 

Chris: "We've been watching the inequity grow [in San Francisco] and many people are suffering because of that."
Megan: "We need to move toward a culture of sufficiency and away from the cult of scarcity. We have so much abundance here and we're not sharing it and that's a shame."

Chris and Megan live in the Haight with their 4 birds and two cats. They are movie buffs who love to travel and take walks in Golden Gate Park. Most importantly they are self-described "artists and rabblerousers." 

Thanks Chris and Megan!! 
Young Neighbors 
in Action 


Teens from Young Neighbors in Action (YNIA) visited Gubbio this month to host a breakfast and learn about homelessness and poverty. 

A leader from the group had this to say about the experience:


"The Gubbio Project experience and service touched our lives and the lives of our teens  more than you will ever know!"