May 9,  2018
Faith: Something Coming Out of Nothing 
By Gregory Barrette

Sometimes we forget that everything that exists first began as an idea. When we become upset at not getting the assistance we need, we fail to recognize that we cannot see it only because it hasn't yet appeared out of the invisibility of things. This happens in dramatic detail with the coming of each spring. It is so simple, but it is crucial. When we recognize that what is visible must first come out of what is invisible, we might find ourselves getting out of some pretty rough jams.

In 1972, I was hitchhiking through Texas on a 106-degree August afternoon. None of my rides had stopped for food or refreshment for quite some time, so when I was let out at an off-ramp in San Marcos, I was not only hot, but ready to faint. I remember thinking "so these are the spots before my eyes that they always talk about!"

Maybe three blocks away was a Howard Johnson's restaurant. It would have been a godsend, but how could I ever haul my 50-pound backpack there without passing out? There was no place to hide it. I could only rest it by a light pole, in plain sight, and hope that it was still there when I returned. After I had trudged the distance, downed three quick glasses of ice water and started on a chicken drumstick, I knew-just knew-that my backpack was being stolen.

There was nothing I could do physically to prevent it, if my hunch was true. I was too weak and far away. And I didn't have much mental capacity remaining either. So I just visualized a 20-foot tall image of Jesus standing watch over my backpack by the pole, and went back to my chicken. I ate my meal at a leisurely pace, even taking time for a piece of apple pie. When I paid my bill and exited the restaurant, I was relieved to see my backpack still there beside that lonely pole.

As I approached it, I heard some yelling from about a block away in another direction. It seems that some construction workers had seen some men in a truck pull over in an attempt to abduct my backpack. One of the workers told me "something told me to turn around and I saw them picking it up." So the construction workers yelled threats and scared them away. What were the odds of that happening?

Of course, I have no way of proving that my letting go into trust did this, but I am grateful for the faith I exercised, which Paul likened to "the evidence of things not seen." I have experienced this happening time and again-and, if you take a moment to reflect upon it, I am sure you have too.

Calendar for this week
TODAY:  Wednesday 5/9/2018
7pm:  Book Study: 12 Steps to a Compassionate Life
Thursday 5/10
7pm: Choir Practice
Friday 5/11
7pm: Game Night
Sat 5/12

Sun 5/13  Happy Mother's Day!
10am:  Guest Speaker: Rev. Ann Marie Acacio "Honoring the Divine Feminine Through Women in Scripture"

4:30pm:  Iglesia Emmanuel Service*

7pm:  CODA meeting*
Monday 5/14
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Tuesday 5/15

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To listen to our service with our guest speaker Charles Lee "Ain't Nobodies Business; Freedom From Judgment", from 5/6/2018, click on our website link

Dates to Remember:

June 17th: Jon Mundy, A Course In Miracles: Message and Workshop

July 7th:  Rev. Joy's Birthday Tea and Book Social  
July 8th: Membership Overview Classes begin 

July 28th: Steve Gunn Concert

Sept 9th: Annual Picnic


YFM Activities
May 11th
7pm Game Night

Join us this Friday for an evening of fun and games.  Bring a snack to share and an open heart. This will be our last game night until the fall so plan to be a part of the fun!  

Do you have a talent (craft, music, dance, art or story) you'd like to share with our youth one Sunday this summer? 

YFM is looking for summer volunteers to allow our regular volunteers to take a summer break.
  Contact Kari Wyler if you'd like to participate one Sunday with our youth.   

Please join us on May 20th after the service for our YFM graduation of Alicia and Roby!   We will celebrate Alicia and Roby with great fellowship and great food! 
Honoring the Divine Feminine
through Women in Scripture

Rev. Ann Marie Acacio will be our special guest speaker this Sunday, May 13th (Mother's Day!)

Her talk title will be: "Honoring the Divine Feminine through Women in Scripture."

Come celebrate twelve women in Scripture who embody qualities of the Divine Feminine. Twelve women from the congregation are invited to light a candle for the woman in Scripture they most admire and feel an affinity with the quality in the Divine Feminine.
Would you like to participate in the service?  You can call Karen in the office at 610-965-3036 or email to place you on the list.

There is only ONE spot left:  Hospitality (Martha of Bethany).

Rev. Ann Marie would like the volunteers to arrive at the church on Sunday morning around 9:40am so she can go over details with you. 

A great way to celebrate your mom and support Unity of Lehigh Valley at the same time!

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Beginning Tuesday, June 12th, the office hours for ULV will change for the summer.  Hours will be Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 8:30am to 3:00pm.  Closed Mondays and Fridays. 

Regular office hours of Tuesday through Friday 9:00am to 2:00pm will resume September 4th. 

Reverend Joy is on sabbatical for May and June.  Spiritual community will continue as we celebrate on Sundays, have workshops and classes and enjoy the fellowship of one another's company.  
There will be plenty to do on Sundays! 
Mark your calendars now:
May 13th: Rev Ann Marie Acacio, "Honoring the Divine Feminine Through Women in Scripture"
May 20th: Bob Sima and Shannon Plumber, Music, Meditation and Conscious  Concert and workshop after service
May 27th: Rev Julie Vance, "Remembering..."
June 3rd: ULV Choir
June 10th: Charles Lee
June 17th: Jon Mundy, "Healing the T(error)ist Within", workshop after service 
June 24th: Dana Baldwin returns to ULV!

If  you have questions or concerns, the Board and the Staff are available to serve you.  
Reverend Joy will return July 1st with "Let Freedom Ring" as we prepare for a summer of the 12 Powers in American History
IronPigs ULV Group Tickets

Friday evening game on July 13th at 7:00pm

Tickets are on sale now through June 10th; they are only $11 each and we have reserved a section just for us!

There will be fireworks after the game. 

Join us for this yearly fun evening and see our name on the Jumbotron!

Invite friends and family and purchase your tickets in our section. 

June 10th is a firm deadline; we have to have the exact number of tickets to the stadium that Tuesday. 

The IronPigs play the Buffalo Bisons. They are a Triple-A affiliate of the Toronto Blue Jays. It's sure to be a great game and a great time for everyone to get together and have FUN! 

Tickets can be purchased through the office Tuesday through Friday from 9:00am to 2:00pm or on Sundays.

This is what leadership looks like!  Thanks to Marisa, Dale, Tere, Jennifer and Anthony for attending the Board Training on May 5th!  


What are you
grateful for?

Thank you to the always inspiring Charles Lee for sharing his heart, his song and his enlightening words - when we judge others, we judge ourselves; freedom from judging is our decision.  
If you are grateful for something at ULV, send a message to the office:   

This Saturday, May 12th

Thinking about Unity based enrichment?  Planning a vacation?  Why not do both?  

SEE in the field in Gaithersburg, MD, June 3-8 featuring Revs Robert Brumet, Toni Fish, Eileen Goor and Cheryl Meyers 
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Fillmore Festival at Unity Village: August 16-19  For more information and registration: CLICK HERE

Just north of us, Kirkridge offers great opportunities for renewal and spiritual exploration.  Check out upcoming programs at their website by CLICKING HERE

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