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Father Hill's Topic:
"Catholics Relationship to Other Religions of The world"

Sacred Music by
Lauren Hayes, Jennifer Wallace,
Rob Woyshner, Lou Savage, & Quentin Dennard
Please join us for our exciting month of August guest speakers.
Dr. Arthur will be on vacation until September 10.
Next week, August 20, our speaker will be Soraya Deen from the
Islamic Center of Southern California.
(second in the series of six)
Answering the Call of the Soul
Rev. Dr. Arthur Chang
Joseph Campbell said, destiny "is simply the fulfillment of the potentialities of the energies in your own system."
The soul calls us to destiny by means of our potentialities. We feel these special urges to be and to do something, and, if we do not find a spiritual path compatible to these inner forces, we are apt to misspend our energies like the younger son in Jesus' Prodigal son parable. This son asked his father to give him all his inheritance. Then he went away and squandered it on irresponsible living. Similarly, we come into this life with the hefty inheritance of talents, and, instead of using them to fulfill our destiny, we squander them in misspent living.
Learning to attend to the call of the soul to destiny is a vital part of fulfilling it.
Listening more attentively to the call of my soul to Destiny I am making better use of time for enriching my community and myself by my unfoldment to wholeness.


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