Guidance in the Midst of Tragedy
Live in HOPE
  • Trust that God is at work in the midst of tragedy
  • Look for places where people respond with Love, Mercy, Compassion, Justice
Limit new coverage
  • None of us need 24-hour news coverage
  • Be informed, then turn off the TV/Computer/Radio
Spend time with those you love
  • Tragedy reminds us of what is truly important in life
Support your children
  • Minimize children’s exposure to news coverage and discussion about the event
  • Allow children to express their fears and concerns. 
  • Don’t correct or dismiss children’s feelings. We feel what we feel. 
  • Assure children that you are there for them
  • Go outside and play
Pray for our nation
Read reflective scripture  

Psalm 46, 91, 104, 121, 140, 144
Spend time in individual prayer
  • Acknowledge your own feelings and lift them before God
  • Give time for God to touch and ease your own heart
  • Listen deep down for how God calls you to respond
From your staff and pastors at Spring Creek