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I would like to welcome you to the practice of Higher Consciousness meditation.

Over a period of 50 years I conducted many different types of meditations based on many different truths gleaned from Higher Consciousness research. These various truths of Higher Consciousness appear in the titles of each of the 31 meditations in "The Voice of Meditation" series.

The actual experiences of higher consciousness take place when your mind becomes extrasensory sensitive during the playing of the CDs/downloads. The interior region of your forehead, commonly referred to as your third eye, becomes an interior-viewing screen where you may begin to see pictorial views of higher spiritual consciousness. This may begin as colors or lights and then grow to religious symbols, saintly beings, gods or goddesses, scenes from other dimensions, or other images that can only be described as those of Higher Consciousness.

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  These 31 Metaphysical Spiritual Meditations are designed to be listened to cyclically - a different meditation each day of the month.
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The only true teacher or guru is to be found within oneself.

There's an old Hindu expression that goes, "when the chela (student) is ready, the guru (teacher) will appear." Until a soul has spiritually awakened satisfactorily to a higher awareness, it continues to look outward to find a guru or spiritual teacher to provide a passage from mortal to immortal consciousness. 

A true teacher will shun grandiose, spiritual accolades and simply be a spiritual sign -- post pointing students back into themselves.

Such information may contradict the adoration by many students for those who might be described as being from the spiritual bloodline of gurus bestowing enlightenment on those who seek it. That adoration, however, is still one more illusion that even the most earnest may encounter. 

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