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"The Mystery of Edwin Drood" Theatrical Set
for only $1.200.00 for two week rental plus shipping.

Ja'Duke's " The Mystery of Edwin Drood Theatrical Set" includes:
One unit set with two 12' x 8' x 4' two level sections with theater seating for actors
The set has a 10' center entrance with an attached rail that flies drops.
Drops Include:
Clock Tower
London Street
Piano Room Parlor

For more information call Nick Waynelovich 
Phone - 413-218-2954
Email - nick@jaduke.com 
JaDuke Scene Shop is now renting a complete five drop collection for Beauty & the Beast for only $1,250.00. Our drop collection is 15'6' x 40'. Single rentals are available for this show as well. For more information and pictures featuring JaDuke's "Beauty and the Beast" Collection, please visitwww.jadukesceneshop.com/gallery6.htm or call us at 413-218-2954. You can also email us at nick@jaduke.com.

For more information please visit www.jadukesceneshop.com
Please call Nick Waynelovich at 413-218-2954 for more information.