January 2018 Newsletter
Let this New Year be the one, where all your dreams come true, so with a joyful heart, put a start to this year anew. Wishing you a happy and prosperous New Year 2018.
~Gym Hutt Staff
Thank you!
Thank you for all the generous Christmas gifts, goodies, and cards that were given to the coaches and the gym! We appreciate them all!
We are closed during winter break December 24th - January 1st for Recreational classes and Xcel practices. Classes resume Tuesday, January 2nd. If your gymnast is changing levels and you did not get a confirmation as to which class they are in please contact the office.
Tuition is a 3 week payment for Monday classes and a 4 week payment for Tuesday - Saturday classes.
handstand split pic
Our monthly open workout is Friday, January 26th 7-8pm. The cost is $12 for current students and $15 for the public.
January 22nd - 27th is bracelet week at Gym Hutt! Every gymnast will have an opportunity to earn a bracelet in various ways. Trying a new skill, conquering a fear, helping a classmate, or being a good leader are some of the things coaches are looking at to give a bracelet out.
Just a reminder if we need to cancel classes due to inclement weather, we will post on Facebook, send out an e-mail and post on cancellations.com. Also, make sure you sign up for our Remind app messages. We will send it out in that form as well. If you are not comfortable making the trip to the gym in the snow and we remain open, you can always schedule a make up class.
Save the date for our end of the year gym show week! June 11th will be our competitive team gym show and June 13th - 16th will be our all gym shows. Further information will be provided when it gets closer. Each recreational gymnast will be assigned to one gym show. We do our best to assign siblings and family members to the same show.
Team News
There will be NO GIRLS TEAM PRACTICES for any level on Saturday, January 13th and Monday, January 15th due to meet sessions.
January E-Mail Contest
Be the 18th person to answer this month's trivia question correctly by e-mailing gymhuttgymnastics@yahoo.com or replying to this newsletter to win your choice of attire from the pro shop (leotard, shorts, tshirt, or sweatshirt).

January is named after which Roman god?