While Hurricane Irma's exact path is uncertain, it is clear that Florida will feel her impacts.  FAC will begin providing daily, evening updates on the state actions to prepare for and respond to this event.

FAC is embedded in the State Emergency Operations Center, directly providing liaison services between the EOC and Florida’s counties. FAC will also be included on multiple EOC calls throughout the day for the duration of and recovery from Irma. FAC will include information from these calls in the daily updates.  
In preparation for Hurricane Irma, please make sure that FAC has your cell phone number so that it can be provided to state emergency response personnel, the Governor's office or legislative leadership upon request.
The State Department of Revenue (DOR) recognizes that impacts from Hurricane Irma could delay statutorily required county budget reporting deadlines. DOR is reviewing actions taken during the 2004 hurricane season and is working with the Executive Office of the Governor to determine whether they need additional authority to ensure that counties are compliant with budget process requirements. Once DOR has finished its analysis, it will distribute a bulletin to all taxing authorities, including counties, cities, property appraisers and tax collectors.

For more information, please contact Laura Youmans.
The FAC team is currently embedded at the State Emergency Operations Center. Should you need any assistance or have questions please feel free to contact a member of one of the FAC team members listed below:

FAC Executive Director
(850) 294-9295

FAC DEM Coordinator / Deputy Directory of Public Policy
(850) 294-9405

FAC Director of External Affairs
(850) 294-9307

FAC Associate Director of Public Policy for Public Safety
(850) 274-8489

FAC Director of Public Policy