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Autumn News        November 2017       Vol.9 No. 3
As the days grow shorter and the year comes to a close, we reflect upon the past, and the future. In taking stock of the reasons to feel gratitude, we are thankful for all of you. We appreciate our customers, who understand and support our mission. From all of us at Herbalist & Alchemist - we wish you joyful holidays and a wonderful New Year...           
  • Stock up on Stress Relief for the Holidays!
  • And Don't Forget Digestive Support!
  • David Winston's Students: Where Are They Now? Kate Bodmann RH (AHG), RA
  • Herbal Jeopardy Contest
  • Recap of Recent Shows & Events
  • Postable Content
  • Merchandiser Tips
  • David Winston's Herbal Salon: Finishing up the 2017 Schedule  
  • Monthly Specials-Check them Out!
Stock up on Stress Relief for the Holidays!
It's universally acknowledged that stress levels rise over the holidays, followe d by January's let down from all the excitement. Be ready with David Winston's range of formulas. Just a few of the options include Calm Adapt, a relaxing adaptogenic formula to balance stress, Tension Relief, Grief Relief, Daily Adapt and award winning Serenity Compound.
And Don't Forget Digestive Support!
Check out our expanded Bitters Line formulated by David Winston: Spiced Bitters, Original Bitters, Old World Bitters and Bitter Roots, available in dropper bottles or new convenient sprays.  
David Winston's Students: Where Are They Now? 

For each newsletter we interview one of David Winston's former s
tudents to find out what motivated them to learn about herbal medicine and how they are using their training.
Plants have always played a part in the life of  Kate Bodmann R H (AHG), RA.  Part of a community of alternative practitioners known as Omaha Whole Living, Kate spends quality time answering questions and providing herb r e lated advice at Land of Milk and Honey Herbs.

David Winston's Herbal Jeopardy-Winter Edition Contest    

Answer correctly & you will be entered into a drawing to win a H&A "cash card" worth $50.00 towards future purchases of our quality products.   
Our Summer Contest winner was Nada Khodlova, but congrats to all who answered Night Blooming Cereus, botanical name "Selenicereus grandiflorus" as the correct answer.
Recap of Recent Shows & Events

The Expo East trade show in Baltimore in September went very well. We began with the AHPA Herb Walk at the James (Jim) Duke's Green Farmacy Garden the day before the show opened, which we cosponsored and David Winston
was a tour leader. It was very well attended, educational for people at all levels of herbal knowledge, and a lot of fun.  
AHPA Herb Walks are held the day before both Expo East and Expo West, so plan your travel schedule to be there early.  
Register Now for Expo West... include in your trip the next Herb Walk March 8th 1 to 5 PM, Anaheim, CA
We all enjoyed seeing so many customers in the booth as we explained the new Bitters Formulas and the additions to David Winston's line of Adaptogens.
The American Holistic Veterinary Conference was also a great event for us. We're proud to be members of the National Animal Supplements Council and the Veterinary Botanical Medicine Association. And excited to see more and more veterinarians adding herbal products to their range of treatments.
One question we often get is about herbal dosing amounts for animals, so we're working on a guidance document to provide that information. Look for it soon! 
Postable Content   
We've had some Health Food Store and Practitioner customers tell us that it would be helpful to have some materials to share with their customers in newsletters and via social media. Feel free to cut, paste, and edit the below, to suit your needs.
However you celebrate the holidays, eating too much is likely to play a role. While some may think of bitters as just an ingredient in fancy craft cocktails, they have actually been relied upon to support healthy digestion for hundreds of years. Herbalist & Alchemist founder David Winston RH (AHG) has created four different formulas for digestive support: Old World Bitters, Spiced Bitters, Original Bitters and Bitter Roots. If bitters have not been part of your approach to digestive health, now's the time to see how effective they are. We couldn't do without them!
We love the holidays but they can be stressful. Did you know that herbs can address mental and emotional conditions very effectively? Herbalist David Winston RH (AHG) has a range of herbal formulas to support mental and emotional heath. Most of these Herbalist & Alchemist formulas are adaptogenic, creating balance. Come talk to us about the right formula for you.  
Merchandiser Tips
As we visit stores we see a variety of ways that retailers sell and merchandise herbal products. Natural product retailers have an advantage over big box stores and internet sales - information. Health Food Store Employees and Practitioners can take advantage of opportunities like our monthly Herbal Salons in which David Winston describes the specific ingredients in his formulas, what they do and how they work together. Each session is on a specific health topic (if you are a Health Food Store Employee or Practitioner that sells H&A products and have not received an invitation please email .
Of course it's not legal for retail staff to diagnose or prescribe for disease states, but you can discuss support for the body's systems.  An educated staff can explain, in the store aisles, that the products they stock are well formulated, high quality products, and guide customers toward the right choices. Amazon will never be able to do that.
For merchandising, we've observed that grouping products by health concern seems most effective. Within those categories, placing products from the same manufacturer together keeps the small tincture bottles from getting lost.  
David Winston's Herbal Salon 2017 Schedule*    

As we wind down 2017...Don't miss the December Herbal Salon.  Held once a month on Wednesdays at Noon Eastern time, these educational webinars are free to Health Food Store employees or Practitioners that carry H&A products. If you wish to receive an invitation to the next Herbal Salon please email 
December  6 - Thyroid 
*Dates and Topics are subject to change
Exciting 2018 Schedule is in the Works! 
Center For Herbal Studies
David Winston's Center for Herbal Studies     
David's 2016-2018 class is deep into their studies in the current Herbalist Training Program. If you've thought about expanding your herbal medicine knowledge, you can't do better than this two-year program, which David has been teaching for 36 years. David's past students use their training in a variety of ways: clinical work, research, hospital care, product manufacturing, retailing and educating.

Thinking about enrolling in the September 2018 class?  You can attend the two-year course in person or online. Classes are held once a week on Tuesday evenings.  
Use the button above to find more information and see where else David is teaching this year on his Center for Herbal Studies website.

David Winston Resources 
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