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Large Animal Rescue - AWARENESS
FStep & DHS-Approved Training
Wednesday, December 7       8am - 5pm I Graton Fire Department
This is the "Introduction" to ATR, open to any student  who meets the FEMA IC-100 prerequisite.  HALTER Scholarships available. 

Animal Technical Rescue - Drill Clinics
Wednesday, December 7       5:30pm - 8pm I Graton Fire Department
Thursday, December 8           11:00am - 8pm I Glen Ellen
2 opportunities for CERTIFIED LAR TECHNICIANS to  refresh skills with LAR Co instructors, John & Deb Fox.  These clinics are free. Registration is required  at: Open to Certified LAR Technicians, only.

North Valley Animal Disaster Group 
New Volunteer Training   January 21-22   8am - 5pm 
For info and registration,  click here.
This comprehensive entry-level training introduces every aspect of volunteer Animal Disaster Service, including incident command, evacuation protocols, shelter management, communications, psychological first aid, and much more. If you want to learn and work with the best, this is the team to join!

Animal Technical Rescue - OPERATIONAL
February 7-8, 2017   8am - 5pm 
Pioneer Equine Hospital, Oakdale
Hosted by Escalon Fire Department and Healing Arenas
HALTER Scholarships available 

Barn Basics -- Book Now!
Host a class at YOUR barn!  LAR skills to handle most common situations,
How to assess vital signs, and stabilize animal  until the vet arrives. 

Trailer Safety
Learn trailer safety basics &  evacuation guidelines for various situations.
Contact us directly to host a class!
Support our Animal Rescue Technicians
Help Buy a Rescue Training "Horse-a-kin"
Our local Fire Fighters, Animal Services, Search & Rescue, and Veterinarians are stepping up to develop Animal Technical Rescue groups.
To train and improve skills, they need a life-sized, 900-lb, articulated "horse-a-kin". This is the most costly piece of equipment needed to help the teams learn and maintain skills, and be ready to help in any regional equine rescue emergency.
Make donations directly to any of these organizations & agencies
BE SURE TO SPECIFY "Large Animal Rescue Fund" 
Martina Vogt, Parelli practitioner from Germany, Catherine Sapienza, AR Naturally, Dr Miller, Julie
UCD Animal Science Horse Day
HALTER & Atwood Ranch Naturally sponsored  a demo by Dr. Robert Miller. 
A large crowd gathered to hear Dr. Miller, who is widely regarded as the developer of the concept of foal imprinting, and is now focusing on safety. With more than 50  years handling equines, big cats, and exotics, he is one of the most engaging and down-to-earth speakers around and greatly appreciated by the large audience that gathered to listen and learn.
CSHA State Conference   
It was an honor to be invited to present at the CSHA State Convention.  This prestigious group of regional officers and State Board of Directors were a great audience and asked astute questions. HALTER has been invited to produce a LAR demo and training for CSHA members. As a significant equestrian education resource, many CSHA members already play important roles in safety and preparedness education, trail safety, and disaster awareness for horse and livestock owners. 
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