Community Spotlight!

Meet Pat, Toby, Kaida, and Enzo (otherwise known as P-Mac, Toby Mac, Kai-Kai, and Zo). We've known Toby and the  a kids longer, almost 5 months, but Pat has also joined the PACK here at Spotted Dog Yoga. Our team at SDY has come to ADORE the McIntosh Fam and we want to share some cool stuff about them with you!

Pat is from Sactown and Toby is from Oaktown, but they currently live in El Dorado Hills with the kids. Pat speaks Italian and has a sports podcast called "Pro Sports Talks" and Toby LOVES math and computer science, though also a master of pop culture trivia. Not surprisingly, Kaida and Enzo are smart like their parents and even through they are only 7 and 5, they can play chess!

This self-described "paddle boarding family," first began yoga because they have a couple of friends who happen to be instructors at SDY, other friends that were trying yoga out, and Pat needed rehab for his leg after ACL surgery. Both Pat and Toby say that they feel stronger and more flexible as a result of their yoga practice. Toby adds that yoga simply puts her in a better mood, which I'm sure we can ALL relate to. Pat has gained breath focus that has helped him tremendously in his physical therapy. Though he hasn't been able to start soccer back up again, he has also gained body awareness that benefits all of his activities, including Bocce. Kaida and Enzo love the "I PLAY YOGA" kids classes and have even opened their very own yoga studio at the McIntosh house as inspired entrepreneurs!

In addition to the physical benefits, yoga and SDY have given brightness to the whole family's life! They get excited about practicing yoga and being part of the community. The McIntosh Fam describes SDY as their "happy place" and they love to spread their gratitude by telling their friends about it. Moving forward, they hope to continue a long-lasting relationship with their yoga practice and to build more friendships within the SDY community. 

Next time you spot these four at the studio, be sure to say hello! Thanks McIntosh Fam for being a part of Spotted Dog Yoga!

Power Yoga HiiT classes are limited to 12 people per class. To guarantee your spot, please sign up early either online or on SDY's free mobile app.
Due to the format and length of this class, practitioners will NOT be admitted after class has begun. In order to guarantee your spot, you must arrive 5 minutes BEFORE the start of class, even if you have pre-registered.

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On your first visit for childcare, please call or text 916-990-1720 in advance and we will reserve you a spot. When you come in, we will help you set your account up to be able took online for future visits.


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