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April 25, 2011
HB 2322:  A first step in allowing home school student to participate in UIL   


tim06HB 2322 by Representative John Garza will be heard before the Public Education Committee on Tuesday, April 26th. Known as the "Equal Access Bill," this bill would finally allow private and parochial schools to participate in University Interscholastic League (UIL).

Passing this bill is the first step in allowing home school students to participate in UIL. This bill is the companion to SB 1214.

The Facts
- Texas is one of only three states (Texas, California, and Connecticut) in the Union that prohibits private and parochial school participation in UIL activities.
- Forty-seven other states have successfully allowed it.
- Five years ago the Texas UIL allowed two private schools to join. From then, through now, no problem has ever arisen.
- The "Equal Access Bill" grants all Texas students attending private and parochial schools equal access to the facilities and activities for which their parents' tax dollars help pay.
- The "Equal Access Bill" requires no state funding and potentially generates more revenue for the UIL.

What needs to be done?
If your representative is a member of the Public Education Committee, please call him today and ask that he support HB 2322 by Representative John Garza. Let your representative know about the facts above and that as a constituent, you think he should support equal access for all Texas students.
According to Texas state law every home school is also a private school, meaning that it's not necessary to mention that you're a home schooler.

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