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HB 271 ACTION ALERT  4    
"When the going gets tough,
the tough get going!"
Our struggle to save the Shore Protection Act from being gutted by HB 271 is coming to a head. Persistence is a must if we are to win this fight! Jekyll Island - indeed the whole coastline - is counting o n all of us!

Please help by taking the   steps outlined

We are asking
only Georgia residents

to participate in
this Action Alert 
On Thursday, House Bill 271 bill was approved by the Natural Resources Committee and sent to the House Rules Committee (RC), where it will be discussed and possibly passed on to the full House for a vote. Our goal now is to have the bill voted down in the RC.
HB 271, which was toxic in its original form, was amended for the worse at the last minute by the bill's sponsor (Rep. Jesse Petrea) by redefining the term "sand dune" (as described in the "Talking Points" section below) in a way that further restricts the jurisdiction of the Shore Protection Act. This redefinition is so outrageous that it might boomerang for Rep. Petrea by allowing us to win more support among fair-minded legislators within the RC or within the full House if the bill makes it to the floor for a vote.
Step 1: This weekend, it's vital to email individually , at least 4 of the RC's members, more if you have the time to do so. Our message is simple, HB 271 is loaded with problems and, if enacted, will undermine protection of Georgia's fragile shoreline. We are therefore urging
Under HB 271 this would no longer be considered a sand dune
the RC's members to vote "no" on this toxic bill. You may supplement your plea for a "no" vote with as little or as much s upporting information as you like (See talking points below). Be sure to include your home address.

On Monday, call at least 4 of the RC's members, more if you have the time to do so, and deliver a brief message urging a "no" vote on HB 271. Be sure to mention you live in Georgia.

Contact information is provided at the end of this Alert. 
Step 2 : If HB 271 is approved by the RC and goes to the House floor for a vote , call your State Representative and urge him/her to vote "no" on the bill. For the name and contact information for your representative, click here and enter your zip code in the "Find your Legislator Box" on the right side of the page.
We will let you know what happens in the RC as soon as possible.
 Redefines the term "sand dune" in order to drastically reduce the jurisdictional area of the Shore Protection Act (SPA). Essentially, HB 271 says sand dunes that are covered with sparse, pioneer vegetation are not to be defined as "sand dunes" any longer, which means the SPA's jurisdictional area would be measured from the sparsely vegetated  
primary dunes rather than the dynamic dune field landward from them.   

Facilitates the development of the last wide-open stretch of beachfront
HB 271 would remove this Jekyll beachfront area from SPA protection
land on Jekyll Island by removing it entirely from the SPA's jurisdiction.
Benefits the controversial Sea Island Spit project. The bill was heavily influenced by a small group of hedge fund billionaires who purchased the former Sea Island Company and who aim to make tens of millions of dollars on the sale of oceanfront home sites by removing them from the jurisdictional area of the SPA.
Allows new construction to take place within just 25 feet of the high tide line in shoreline areas where there are no dunes and no sea walls or rock revetments. This provision in HB 271 is dangerous and irresponsible!
Sets the landward jurisdictional boundary of the SPA at 25 feet without any science-based justification for that figure. Coastal geologists (Dr. Chester Jackson in particular) reject the 25-foot figure and tell us that the SPA's jurisdictional area should be based on scientifically valid erosion data. 

With sea level rise increasing,  the State of Georgia should be strengthening protection of our fast-eroding barrier islands not reducing it, as HB 271 does by limiting the SPA's jurisdictional area to just 25 feet from the ocean or from the dunes, as redefined/misdefined by HB 271. 
The bottom line is that to help provide for a more stable future for our barrier islands, we should be adopting SPA standards that are forward-looking rather than rolling them back, as HB 271 does.
House Rules Committee Contact Information
Stacey Abrams  404.656.5058
Brett Harrell  404.463.3793
Richard Smith       404.656.6831
Mandi Ballinge   404.656.5105
Tommy Benton     404.656.5126
Jon Burns       404.656.5052
Johnnie Caldwell 404.656.5087
Christian Coomer   404.656.5024
Sharon Cooper    404.656.5069
Katie Dempsey  404.463.2247
Karla Drenner          404.656.0202
Earl Ehrhart   404.463.2247
Stacey Evans          404.656.0116
Barry Fleming      404.656.0152      
Rich Golicck         404.656.5943
Gerald Greene     404.656.5105
Matt Hatchett         404.656.5025
Lee Hawkins         404.656.0213
Carolyn Hugley    404.656.5058
Mack Jackson      404.656.0314
Jan Jones               404.656.5072
David Knight        404.656.5099      
Chuck Martin      404.656.5064
Greg Morris         404.656.5115      
Butch Parrish      404.463.2247
John Meadows       Do not call
Allen Peake         404.463.2247
Alan Powell         404.463.3793
Jay Powell             404.656.5103
Terry Rogers         404.651.7737
Ed Setzler              404.656.7857
Lynn Smith            404.656.7149
Calvin Smyre         404.656.0109
Ron Stephens       404.463.4122
Jan Tankersley     404.656.7855
Wendel Willard  404.656.5125
Al Williams    404.656.6372 
Bruce Williamson   404.656.5024
If you would like to have more information about HB 271 and the SPA issue, please feel free to contact us at or phone 912-635-2167 home/ 912-577-4655 cell.

Thanks, folks, for going to bat for the coast and Jekyll Island once again!
David and Mindy Egan, Co-Directors
Initiative to Protect Jekyll Island State Park

p.s. If you are able to help out as described above, please let us know.
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