August 2016
In This Issue:
Article of the Month
"The Payment Reform Landscape: A Road Map for States to Bring Their Transparency 'A' Game." Learn which states have the best access to health care costs and how others can begin to improve transparency of costs for consumers. Check out the Fourth Annual Report Card - Washington State has legislation but has not yet launched the websites. Read more.

Signs available for this election season!
Show your support for Single Payer with our posters at upcoming rallies, protests, or meetings. Please contact  to obtain posters. Thank you for your support!
Save the Dates!
Fri.-Sun., Sept 16-18, Easton, WA,
Washington CAN Annual Summer Conference "Beyond Basic Needs" - Double K Retreat. Register before Sept 5.

Wed. Sept 21, Kane Hall, Seattle. PNHPWW monthly meeting - showing and discussion of Fix-It: Healthcare at the Tipping Point. This film is a valuable tool for presenting the advantages of Single Payer to business owners.
oneThurs. Aug 11, online 11am PDT/2pm EDT, ColoradoCare ballot initiative webinar, sponsored by Heathcare-NOW!
Go directly to the webinar page when it's about to start: Before the webinar starts, log in as a guest by entering your name on that page.
tooSun. Aug 21, Olympia, 10am-3pm, Olympia Farmer's Market
Please come to the Market and visit the HCFA-WA informational table. We will have some lively discussions and distribute hand-outs about Single Payer/Public Option alternatives to our neighbors here in Olympia. You are welcome to help out!

Contact: Kim Abbey, or 206-387-6134
Location: 700 Capitol Way N, Olympia 98501

threeeMon. Aug 22, Seattle, 4-6pm, Health Care is a Human Right campaign meeting
For those of you who are not familiar with this campaign/coalition, attend a meeting to meet other participants and learn about actions and studies.
Location: WA State Labor Council office, 321 16th Ave S., Seattle
PNHPWW - no meeting in August.  
See their website for information about the July discussion with Aaron Katz and the June meeting with Ivan J. Miller, PhD, Executive Director of ColoradoCareYES. Amendment 69 is on the November ballot in Colorado. 

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