March 2016
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Films of the Feb 20, Seattle PNHPWW 11th Annual Meeting: John Nichols, Donna Smith, and the entire meeting 
Health Care for All - an Important Campaign Issue in 2016!  Now is the time for all good women and men to come to the aid of their country by shouting out "SINGLE PAYER, SINGLE PAYER, SINGLE PAYER" at every campaign event! 
We have posters! Need your voices!
2016 Video House Parties - T wo short new DVDS, followed by time for discussion
Talking Point of the Month
Medical malpractice adds to our total medical bills, a bit less than 2% of all costs. We have many more malpractice suits than other countries which have universal health care. Why? Because people here with adverse outcomes (whether actual malpractice is involved or not) are not guaranteed the extra care they should have as a human right. So they look for the deepest pockets to sue for relief. 

"Fighting for Health Care as a Human Right" in WA, March 2016
Upcoming Events
  • Sat, Apr 16, Portland, 6pm - 12am - 5th Annual Inner City Blues Festival "Healing the Healthcare Blues"
  • Sun, May 1, May Day Rally - details to come
  • Check out Health Care for All Oregon for an extensive collection of good current articles (just below the Annual Blues Festival notice)!
YouTube films PNHPWW, 11th Annual meeting
John NicholsSenior National Affairs Correspondent for The Nation Magazine and Donna Smith President of Health Care for All Colorado and Executive Director of Progressive Democrats of America. The entire meeting - PNHPWW.
Make Health Care for All an issue in 2016
This year's Presidential campaign has included discussions about single payer health care! The Congressional campaigns are closely tracking the issues from the Presidential campaign, and the race to replace Congressman Jim McDermott has attracted candidates who support single payer! Washington state legislative candidates are gearing up to campaign across the state! Single payer issues in Colorado, Vermont, and California are capturing headlines in the media! Now is the time for all good women and men to come to the aid of their country by shouting out "SINGLE PAYER, SINGLE PAYER, SINGLE PAYER" at every campaign event!

HCFA-WA has printed 100 posters to use in public demonstrations, at meetings! Contact us to get your poster and to discuss how to bring the issue of Single Payer into these campaigns.
2016 Video House Parties
We have a film library, speakers and other resources to answer your questions and create connections with other supporters of universal health care. 
  • "Health Care: We Can Fix It" by Mark Hickling for PNHP-WW.
  • "This Won't Hurt A Bit," a 7:40 minute video using TV stars from your favorite hospital shows. This satire was produced for the series CNN Money. 
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