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December 31, 2012
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First off, I'd like to personally thank all of you for your support this year. Since I started importing driver-signed limited edition prints from Europe to pay for my club racing in 1985 (hah!), our goal has been to build the best selection of motor racing related books, models, DVDs and artwork for enthusiasts here the US. We would never have lasted this long without a loyal following of friends and customers not only here in North America but around the world. We also couldn't do it (especially in this economy) if we weren't as passionate about the sport and collecting as all of you. 

2012 was a good year for model collectors - even with the price increases and the usual delays and mis-information. We're trying to filter out as much of the bs as we can, but.....

2013 will see the release of the 1/18 scale Marmon Wasp and other significant Indianapolis 500 racers from the ambitious Replicarz program. I'm also looking forward to the 1/18 Spark Jim Clark Lotus 33, rumored to be available in time for Christmas. Maybe they just got the year wrong. Another highly anticipated release will be the 1/43 scale Nissan Delta Wing in LeMans trim. 

As always, we'll be offering the best in 1/43 and 1/18 scale models from all the top brands in 2013. Should be an exciting year.

We're hoping 2013 will be a better year for books. Some exciting new projects are in the works and could appear as soon as this summer. We also hope you'll contact TMC first when looking for hard to find import and out of print titles. 

The US DVD situation has improved. It's good to see the most recent LeMans Reviews finally becoming available here in the US in just a a couple weeks (see below left), but some of the best titles are still available only in European PAL format. These programs will play on your computer and on multi-format DVD players, but not on most US equipment. If you're interested, we are now stocking a very nice little Sony multi-format player for just $49.95. Inquire.

We're optimistic that 2013 will be a great year for motor racing and the various collector hobbies. We'll kick it back into high gear on January 2. 

The column on the left lists some of the new items due to arrive here at TMC in January. 

Pre-orders on the books are strongly recommended. 

Thank you again for your support and Happy New Year!

                                  - Paul Zimmermann, Founder 

PS - With everyone taking a long winter's nap last week, there isn't much new 'stuff' inbound, but we're looking forward to the 1/18 Aston Martin below.
Auto Art Aston Deal

AutoArt is in the process of delivering additional production of their excellent 1/18 scale Millenium Collection Aston Martin DB5. The venerable DB5 made a repeat (final?) appearance of the most recent James Bond film 'Skyfall'. Although this particular model is not licensed as the James Bond car, we thought we'd spice up this batch by throwing in a copy of 'Goldfinger' or the 'Sean Connery James Bond Collection I' DVD at no additional charge while supplies last. You can place your order HERE. We expect to ship within the week. 
Piola 2011/12

Now Available!

Formula 1 Technical Analysis 2011/12 by Georgio Piola
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2012 LeMans Annual

January Restock!

24 Hours of LeMans
2012 Annual
 by Teissedre, Bienvenu & Moity
Reserve HERE
2012 Goodwood Revival

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2012 Goodwood
Revival Meeting
Official 2-disc DVD Set

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Our Top Selling DVD:

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Grand Prix
The Killer Years

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