Heritage Hills
July 2017 
*Heritage Hills Community Management Contact*

Heritage Hills Community Website:  www.heritagehillshoa.org

Heritage Hills Metro District Website: www.heritagehillsmetro.org
SAFETY at Pool Parties/Gatherings:
For a party with  greater than 10 quests (limit is 25) , please contact Perfect Pools at 303-795-1191  at least 7 days in advance to arrange for additional life guards
posted on the  Metro District website.  

SAFETY on Streets and Sidewalks:
  • Due to safety and liability issues, the use of motorized skateboards, scooters, go-carts, dirt bikes, etc. on the street, sidewalks and open areas is prohibited.
  • DO NOT DRIVE Gas Powered Vehicles on the sidewalks, grassy areas or landscaping. 
  • GOLFCART drivers must
    • have a CO license or permit even when their passenger has a driver's license.
    • adhere to the same driving and parking rules and laws as automobiles.
    • not drive on the sidewalks, grassy areas or landscaping
  • All Golf Cart owners must register their carts and follow all Rules and Regulations that have been approved by the Heritage Hills Executive Board.  
  • All registered Golf Carts must have the two reflective numbered stickers issued to them at registration affixed to the sides of the body of the cart.
 Please share these rules with your family members.
We are getting numerous reports regarding
inappropriate, disrespectful and unsafe behaviors.

Pedestrian gates are currently being installed, as another step to help secure the community and regulate access.  Please note upon completion and activation of the gates, residents will need to have their Fobs with them when leaving the neighborhood on foot.  It is  anticipated the gates will be functioning in early July.
Pool/tennis court fobs and vehicle transponders are obtained by first going to the Heritage Hills Metro District website at heritagehillsmetro.org and clicking on "forms."  Requests for fobs/transponders are processed in weekly batches and mailed to residents. You also have the option of picking up the device from the Management office, please make note of that request on the completed form. There is no charge for replacing a defective transponder or fob. If you're purchasing an additional device, each additional transponder is $50.00 and fobs are $25.00 each.
If you wish to update your name/phone number in the Gate Directory, go to the Heritage Hills Metro District website at heritagehillsmetro.org and click on "forms." Complete the appropriate form and return to the Heritage Hills Metro District management team.
The City of Lone Tree and Urban Drainage are actively working on cleaning the detention pond.  This project is ongoing.  Pest control has been on site to manage the mosquitoes while this project is underway. 
Paving work will begin next week on a limited basis.  The contractor will be bringing in their equipment and will start on some of the concrete removal on the interior streets.  The first area to be worked on will be Sunset Hill Circle.  As we receive more information from JR Engineering we will keep the neighborhood updated.
The Safety and Security Committee (SSC) met on June 14, 2017. Discussion included: 
  • Review of the Charter
  • Committee procedures
  • Public comments
  • Report of an incident involving non-residents entering the community via manholes on Heritage Hills Parkway
  • Golf cart safety and the golf cart policy
  • Inquiry from the Social Committee
  • Usage of the Nextdoor app
  • Proposal involving security patrols
  • Scheduling of educational meetings
To contact the SSC email:  hhsafetycommittee@gmail.com

National Night Out Ice Cream Social

Tuesday August 1st
4-5pm at the Clubhouse
Come join us for ice cream and a special visit from the South Metro Fire Department!!

Family Movie Night
Saturday August 19th
Overlook Soccer Fields
More info coming soon!!
Please check the website for updates!

Join the Social Committee
Want to be a part of the HH SOCIAL COMMITTEE or 
have an idea for community events? 
CLICK HERE  to contact the Social committee

Safety and Security Committee: July 10 @ 5pm - Clubhouse

Metro District Board Meeting: July 13 @ 12:30pm - Clubhouse
Note: If residents are planning on presenting information to the board, please provide Denise Denslow - denise.denslow@claconnect.com with the information no later than a week prior to the meeting.  

HOA Board Meeting: July 18 @ 11 am - Clubhouse

All meetings listed above are open meetings and include a time for public comments.

Design Review Committee Member-Reviews Design Review Requests as submitted-Term: ongoing 

Safety and Security Committee Members- click here for the Committee Charter 

Safety and Security Committee Resource or Research Volunteers

Direct questions about volunteer opportunities to the 
HOA President:  hhhoapres@gmail.com
  • Sign up for outage notifications on the Xcel Energy website. Outage notifications advise you: 
    • if your power is out
    • if your estimated restoration time changes
    • when your power has been restored
  • Reset your sprinkler system, if the outage returned it to factory settings.
The HOA is looking for resident(s) willing to share their experience and/or knowledge regarding online services that handle proxy and corporate voting.

HOA has several issues that may need to be voted on by all homeowners and the Board believes an online service may help accomplish that.

if you are willing to help your HOA. 

Community Management  (HOA & Metro District)


  Heritage Hills Residents ONLY.
Access by invitation only
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Lone Tree Arts Center Guild-includes info on upcoming events

management Community Management: CliftonLarsonAllen, LLP
Phone:  (303) 265-7910
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