HERO Briefs from Paul Terry
November 2015 
My November briefings share news, events and learnings that epitomize the rapidly changing landscape in workplace health promotion. We have catalogued HERO Forum15 for your continued reference and we urge you to visit HERO's Facebook page to recall the shenanigans of your friends from around the nation. Teaser alert! These briefs also contain a preview of what's to come for our February Think Tank Meeting in San Diego. Also, read on for news about: EEOC guidance on GINA rules related to family members; a new health initiative designed to clear up confusion about health science; a webinar and blog posts about exemplary leaders, programs and researchers. I also link to a new survey showing how very few employers focus on wellness ROI compared to the broader benefits of providing health and well-being offerings to employees and families.   With all that, I defy you to find a good reason  not to Read On.
Scholars who personify the "Heart of HERO"
Joni M. Troester, MBA, CEBS, SPHR, University of Iowa
Rebecca K. Kelly, PhD , RD, The University of Alabama
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