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What's For Lunch?
Celebration was on the lunch menu at Holsenbeck Elementary School for Barrow County School's Food & Nutrition Team! HES CafĂ© Staff and students hosted several distinguished guests to highlight the many positive farm to school initiatives in Barrow cafeterias system-wide. BCSS School Nutrition received the distinguished Golden Radish Award (Gold) that publicly recognizes school districts for all aspects of farm to school initiatives, from local food procurement to hosting taste tests and gardening with students. "The HES luncheon represented the many collaborative partnerships throughout the state of Georgia, promoting healthy eating and lifestyle choices for our children, families and communities," remarked Pamela LeFrois, BCSS School Nutrition Director.

The celebration was sponsored by the Arthur M. Blank Foundation in partnership with Georgia State Agriculture Commissioner Gary Black, Georgia Organics, and the State Department of Education. HES students and staff enjoyed a visit by Atlanta Falcons Wide Receiver #19 Aldrick Robinson, Freddie the Falcon, and Atlanta Falcons Cheerleaders Elyse Bailey and Jordan Byrd. Both Mr. Robinson and Commissioner Gary Black assisted in the lunch serving line along with Freddie the Falcon. For pictures click here .

Does Statham Elementary Have Future Authors?

Mrs. Tricia Lancaster's fifth grade writers at Statham Elementary have been able to receive first-hand  professional insight this year from published authors of both fiction and nonfiction through multiple live streaming sessions.

In a Zoom session with Derek Taylor Kent, author of the Scary School book series, fifth graders of Statham Elementary were able to ask about editing, character development, story inspiration, and various writing techniques used in fictional writing.

These same fifth graders were able to spend about 40 minutes interviewing published nonfiction writer, Robert Dean Lurie, whose works are related to a variety of inspirations in his life ranging from different rock bands to martial arts. Mr. Lurie also writes nonfiction articles for several well-known magazines, such as National Review. To watch Zoom sessions click here.

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