Quick updates from Hays Hills Baptist Church
Baptism this Sunday, April 23, in both services!  
Would you like to be baptized?  

April 23, stay for lunch!

Community Service in Action

We are so very thankful for Mrs. Dana's (CLC Teacher) daughter, Leah Thompson!  

Leah is a member of National Junior Honor Society and asked if she could do community service at Hays Hills.  She cleaned all the church signs, picked up trash, and pulled weeds!  

We are grateful for volunteers of all ages - thank you, Leah!

We're cleaning out the Youth Shed!

Special Needs Student Aid Needed
One on one aide needed for a special needs student  on Sunday  mornings! We are looking for one or two consistent volunteers to be a buddy during church hours,  9:30-12 noon , beginning in June. 

Please contact Shelley McDaid at  shelley@hayshills.com  for information. Training and supplies will be provided.
Formula Fountain 
Now through April 30, 2017

NEST Baby Shower Ministry has set up a collection area in the Hub for formula and coupons for formula for Central Texas Life Care.  
Please help us fill the table with all kinds of formula we can donate to new moms in need
You are invited to attend ADRN's Light of Hope Fellowship Dinner on Saturday, May 13th (5:45PM).  ADRN is expecting over 800 in attendance and this year, they will have special guest, Ken Isaacs from Samaritan's Purse sharing his heart about what God is doing throughout the world in disaster relief.  Also, they will have a few survivors sharing their testimony along with other special guests.  

To register as a guest, click on the link below within the invitation.  To register as a Table Hosts, please email deborah.bowman@adrntx.org.  Thank you so much!  May God abundantly bless your week!

CLC News
by Mitzi Hudgins

We have been really busy at the Christian Learning Center!  The older children in chapel have been practicing so hard singing their songs for our upcoming Family Fun Night!  It is such a JOY to watch the children sing and praising God with their voices and movements!  Family Fun Night is a night of fun with a children's singing performance, games (barrel train, moonwalks, snow cones, face painting, cupcake walk), Chick-Fil-A sandwich meal, raffle baskets, children's artwork, and silent auction!  Everyone is invited to attend the event next Friday, April 28 at 6:00.  This is our biggest fundraiser and proceeds will be used towards sending our outstanding teachers to the Texas Baptist Church Weekday Education Association state conference this summer, classroom enrichment materials, and playground improvements.  The teachers will have the opportunity to earn continuing education hours to continue to promote excellence in the classroom.
Last week in our classrooms we focused on Easter and going to church.  The children enjoyed "preaching" to their friends and dressing up!  They were precious!

One of the teachers in the young 2's classroom captured the sweet moment on the playground.  Our children are learning to love one another and take care of each other just as it is written in the Bible.  May you be blessed this week!

Children's News  by Aaron Kahler

Now is the time to sign up for Heroes Camp!

Slots are filling fast for all ages - sign up today at hhbcHeroesCamp.com
Student Ministry News
by Greg Burney

Hello Hays Hills!
HHSM is going strong! This Sunday is our Chili Dog Fundraiser! Please join us after the second service for lunch! All proceeds go to support our students! We will be accepting cash/check/debit/credit.

This Sunday we are starting a high school small group on Apologetics at 7:30 at my house. If you have not signed up your student please do so at tinyurl.com/hhsmapologetics.

We are going to be launching our summer schedule on June 7th, we will need help from parents and others to get food donations for our meals throughout the summer. Please keep an eye out for the sign ups that will be released soon!

Important HHSM Dates:

April 23rd - Chili Dog Lunch Fundraiser after the 2nd service. Suggested donation of $5 per person.

April 23rd - High School bible study @7:30 at Greg and Mal's house.

May 7th - All Church Trivia Night - Grab some friends and play some Trivia! It's going to be a fun night of friendly competition! $10 suggested donation to play! Proceeds support our students!

May 21st - Senior Recognition Sunday! High School Seniors and their families are encouraged to join us for breakfast at 8:30 and our grads will be recognized in both services as well!

June 7th - HHSM Summers begin!! On Wednesdays all summer we will all (jr. and sr. high) meet from 6:45-9:30.
by Tim Snowden

by Jon Lower

The One Day with God event was a tremendous success both inside the prison and here at the church. I would like to thank each and every one of you who volunteered to be a blessing to so many men, children, and caregivers. I wish I had the space to list everyone's name but I'm sure I would forget someone, so please accept my sincere gratitude for all you did.
I do want to extend a special thanks to Billy Rose and the fellowship committee for all their hard work.  I know Billy and some of the other volunteers came in at 4AM Saturday morning to make sure the children, caregivers, and volunteer had a good healthy breakfast before they started their long emotional day.  They then stayed on through out to morning to help serve the caregivers and then served lunch.  The following picture does not include all the committee.
In addition, I want to extend a special thanks to Barbara Kay and all the ladies that helped her truly pamper the caregivers.  Barbara arranged for three special activities, (1) Hand Scrubbing, (2) Purse Cleanout, and (3) a therapist to give the ladies a shoulder massage. These activities were truly the highlight of the day for the children's caregivers who very often go unappreciated. As least 2 women came up to me at the end of the day and told me that this was the best day of their entire life.  By the end of the day, 3 women had prayed to receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior.  Praise God.
One last item,  Hays Hills Baptist Church will be hosting the training for the Bill Glass Behind the Walls Prison Ministry on Friday July 21, 2017.  We will be joining them as they go into multiple prison throughout the Austin area on Saturday July 22nd.  If you are interested in participating in this event please contact me at jon@hayshills.com for more information.

From Pastor David

Thanks to all who worked hard to serve the gospel up fresh last Sunday morning at the PAC!  Thanks especially to Alexis Hudson for coordinating our children's team and to Josh Dean's dad, Tommy for presenting the blacksmith demonstration to the kids!  Each grade school child got a nail he forged, as a reminder of Christ's sacrifice.  I've heard great things about the worship service and the sermon.  Thanks to our prayer team for leading us to trust in what God does when we are needy.  If you were able to make it, you know what I mean about gobs of guests who come on Easter at the PAC!  Thanks to all for your friendliness.  That's one of the things I hear over and over about our church: our friendliness!
Thanks to our deacon ministry for taking on baptism ministry.  The deacon baptism team is led by Gary Thomas and includes Bob Caldwell, Terry Parker and David Davidson.  We have a new indoor baptistry, and its setup and prep for use is not simple.  They will also assist in other ways on days we have baptism.
We are having baptisms in both services this Sunday morning.  Contact david@hayshills.com or aaron@hayshills.com if you are planning on being baptized.
Call for help!  (Or more appropriately-"Desperate call for help!")  We are allowing use of our sanctuary for a memorial service this Friday afternoon at 3 PM for Bill Love, a long-time member of our community.  At 4:30 PM we will need help immediately putting away chairs and bringing out some tables for the women's conference.  Please come at 4:30 this Friday if you can help!  We will also need help Saturday evening (about 5:30) putting things back.
Paid help needed:
One on one aide needed for a special needs student on Sunday mornings! We are looking for one or two consistent volunteers to be a buddy during church hours, 9:30-12 noon. Please contact Shelley McDaid at shelley@hayshills.com for information. Training and supplies are provided.
Please pray
Christine Bryan is having surgery for breast cancer today.  
Sandra Snowden's mom, one week after breaking her wrist, fell and broke the bone going into the hip.  Surgery to put in a rod was successful.  She is hospitalized and will go to rehab next.
Tish Hallmark's mom, Dolly Hallmark has macular degeneration and her vision is declining rapidly.  (She's 82 years old and still works full-time on her feet at Dillards!) She's a strong Christian and a member of First Baptist Buda, but she claims me as one of her pastors!  I've known Dolly, Tish and Tish's daughter, Hannah, for 27 years!
Becky West is recovering from successful hip-replacement surgery.
Ernie and Becky West's son is recovering from heart surgery to replace two valves which were damaged from chemo.
George and Barbara McNiel moving to north Austin assisted living.
James Holzapfel, Sophia Sutton's nephew, hospitalized with low-functioning kidneys, and a condition in which they keep producing multiple stones.
Caleb Whittaker's heart surgery has been postponed until April 26.  He is son of Garrett and Sethie Whittaker.
Sandra McDonald has been on bed-rest mostly for past week after chipping a bone in her lower back in a fall.
Josh Williford (20) has been diagnosed with a very rare syndrome called "Stevens-Johnson syndrome" a form of toxic epidermal necrolysis, is a life-threatening skin condition, in which cell death causes theepidermis to separate from the dermis. The syndrome is thought to be a hypersensitivity complex that affects the skin and the mucous membranes.
Bill Kramer is recovering from successful heart procedure to implant two stents.

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