Thank you for your continuous support and trust in HHRD

Assalaamu Alaykum WaRahamtullahi WaBarakatahu,

As we mark the end of 2016 Helping Hand for Relief and Development would like to take this opportunity to thank our generous donors for their continuous support and encouragement. This past year has been full of opportunities to help our brothers and sisters worldwide. Our prayers and efforts continue as they struggle for normalcy and recovery during these difficult times. 

HHRD has been able to help hundreds of thousands of men, women and children worldwide with its 15 programs. The blessings of Allah, through the donations of our generous donors, have allowed us to lend a helping hand to those in need.

Let us take a moment to highlight a few of HHRD's efforts this past year:

Orphan Support Program: 
HHRD safeguards the rights of these orphans through the provision of food and subsistence, education, health and hygiene, psychosocial uplifting and advocacy. This year 10,846 orphans were sponsored in 16 countriesDonors are given updated information through frequent reports containing the child's profile, progress reports, and medical records.
To sponsor/support a child visit:

Education Support Program (ESP) : 
HHRD is committed to increase and improve the access of schools for children, particularly those who live in poor and geographically remote
areas of the region. HHRD's "School of Excellence" in Mogadishu, Somalia is home to 300 orphans who are on their way towards a brighter future. HHRD Myanmar held an inauguration in May for their "School of Excellence" in Yangon for Preschool through Kindergarten children. Likewise, our HHRD Jordan office is assisting 2,227 Syrian refugees through their Family Education System Support program and Higher Education Support program.

Recently HHRD established this program in Jordan for Syrian Refugee Children, many of whom have not gone to school for over three years.
To help enlighten a child donate at:
Global Skills Development Program:
HHRD's vision of "One Home One Skill" is to sustain the livelihood of every household. Donations to this program can help a family secure a more stable financial future with honorable means through proper training and education. HHRD is currently providing training to men and women in 6 countries; these centers set out to impart training, organize artisans, specializing products, improving its quality and then marketing these handicrafts. We have helped 400 people in Jordan, 150 in Somalia, 130 in Afghanistan, 2,570 in Pakistan, 250 in Nepal and 650 in Kenya this year alone.

Youth Empowerment Program: 
This program gathers talented youth from across the globe and allows them to partake in our various humanitarian relief projects. Through emersion programs and internships, HHRD is providing a unique opportunity to our youth to receive first hand knowledge of relief work.

Youth for Jordan (YFJ)
This year's week-long Youth for Jordan trip took 17 brothers and 21 sisters to HHRD's MENA offices to work along side professionals and provide humanitarian relief to Palestinian and Syrian Refugees; as well as, local needy Jordanian families.  With Sr. Suzy Ismail and Shaykh Omar Sulieman as guest mentors, these youth were submerged in the daily realties faced by the less fortunate in refugee camps, orphanages, and disability centers. 

Summer Internship Program (SIP)
This hands-on program is designed to mentor, and cultivate, today's young leaders in an environment devoted exclusively to the field of social services. Every year close to 200 students apply to spend two months under the tutelage of our staff in our human resource, marketing and public relations, information technology, In Kind Gifts, and event planning areas.

Global Zabihah Program:
In total, HHRD performed the Udhiya of 4,338 goats and 8,197 cows which allowed 12,585 shares to be distributed in 40 countries. Alhumdulillah, 50,000 families (which included 20,000 orphans and widows) were able to enjoy the blessings of Eid ul Adha.

Ramadan Food Distribution:
This program provided food packages, based on local prices, for up to three families in 38 countries and regions with the goal of feeding 15,000 families. People from Tanzania to Myanmar, Jordan to Nepal, and everywhere in between were met with smiling faces and gifted food items to last the month, alhumdulillah! HHRD MENA's annual Ramadan Tent served Iftar to 80 families which totaled to 400 individuals per day.
Water for Life (WFL) / Water and Sanitation Hygiene Program (WASH):
With the help of our generous donors HHRD was able to provide 20 water wells capped with affrediv pumps Afghanistan, and 15 each in Kenya, Somalia, Tanzania and Uganda. In Pakistan, our program was able to provide 100 affrediv hand pumps, 25 water wells, 25 water wells capped with affrediv pumps, 25 submersible pumps with water storage tanks, 25 tube wells with water storage tanks and 14 water filtration plans with submersible pumps.  Within these past 6 years, this program has improved access to clean drinking water for over half a million people in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Kenya, Somalia, Uganda, and Tanzania.

Give the Gift of Water at:
In-Kind Gifts Program:
At the onset of any disaster relief effort, 15 HHRD regional In-Kind Gift Centers in 11 different states initiate In-Kind Gift campaigns and drives for the specific needs of the affected countries. This past year our program has sent 156 containers valuing $21.5 million to Lebanon, Jordan, Pakistan, Kenya, Somalia, and Tanzania.  From local private donations to large corporate shipments, HHRD is truly connecting people's resources with people's needs around the world.

Give generously towards the In-Kind Gifts Program at:

As this year comes to a close let's continue to work together to help those in need. Take advantage of tax deductible donations in these final days of 2016. We are honored that you have chosen HHRD as a means to help our brothers and sisters across the globe. We urge you to follow our social media accounts and visit our website for further information.

Wasalaam Walaykum WaRahmatullahi WaBarakatahu,
-HHRD Team 
Winter Relief Program

An estimated 1.6 billion people worldwide are without adequate housing; these individuals are either internally displaced , refugees, or the less fortunate. HHRD's "Global Winter Relief" Program aims to spread the gift of warmth and eventually save lives by providing winter packages to those in desperate need.

These countries and regions include: Syrian & Palestinian Refugees in Jordan & Lebanon, Kashmir Valley (including Sri Nagar), Afghanistan, Pakistan, Jordan, Lebanon, Mexico, Bangladesh, and India.

Share the gift of warmth and help a family stay safe this winter.
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