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Planning for all of the various threats to our communities can be overwhelming, but there are a few simple, low-cost things you can do TODAY that will make your congregation more prepared.




  • Posting your building address in prominent places to aid people if they must call 911.
  • Creating a basic building evacuation plan and practice it with key leadership. 



Faithfully Ready Workshops
Presented HIDRA and the City of Houston OEM 
Dates and
Locations TBD
This series of workshops is aimed at helping congregations prepare for and respond to emergencies. Check the HIDRA  website  for upcoming dates and locations near you.

Clergy Conversations Around Disaster Recovery
Presented by Wells Fargo
July 30, 2015
Clergy are invited to the Evelyln Rubenstein JCC for a round table discussion of issues in their congregations regarding the Memorial Day Floods. Representatives from HIDRA, the City of Houston, the Greater Houston Storm Recovery Network, and Wells Fargo will be available  to share information and resources to help keep families in their homes as neighborhoods recover. To RSVP click here.

FEMA has developed a great collection of resources for congregational emergency planning. Check them out here.
Hosted by  Interfaith Ministries for Greater Houston HIDRA  is a network of clergy and la y leaders from Houston area faith communities who gather to learn together and share experiences about disaster preparedness and response. For more information, visit  IMGH.org/Disaster .

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