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June 2014

Did you know? Emergency planners know that faith community leaders play a key role in communicating important messages to the public in times of disaster. Often, clergy and othe faith leaders are the most trusted source of information in a community. You can be a part of this critical function by connecting with your local disaster response networks. HIDRA is the local Houston mechanism for connecting faith community leaders and the broader disaster response network.



Quarterly HIDRA Roundtable Luncheon

FEMA Guide to Emergency Operations for Houses of Worship  

June 12th

This workshop will give your organization the tools it needs to begin developing a thorough emergency plan for multiple types of threats and will include the opportunity to converse with peers in the faith community who have experienced various emergency events in their setting. Our featured speaker is Pastor Chris Lake of Conroe who is also a certified EMT with Angelton EMS. Come prepared with your questions and join the conversation!  Click here to register or for more info.


Quarterly HIDRA Roundtable Luncheon

Tools for Spiritual Care in Times of Crisis 

September 11th

Leaders in faith communities find themselves in the midst of crises on a regular basis - either among the people they serve, in the greater community or in their own lives.  Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) training is a tool for your tool box of spiritual care and support.  This session will provide an overview of CISM and practical applications for both daily life and disaster response situations. Registration opens in early August!

The National Disaster Interfaith Network's Electronic Library of Best Practices and Resources is a collection of articles, research and tools that is full of faith-community specific information and best practices in disaster preparedness & response.
Hosted by Interfaith Ministries for Greater Houston, HIDRA is a network of clergy and lay leaders from Houston area faith communities who gather to learn together and share experiences about disaster preparedness & response. Visit IMGH.org/Disaster for more information.