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November 2014
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What are the things that the Public Health Department is most concerned about regarding infectious disease in Houston?
One of the goals of the health department is to protect the community from disease...by working in partnership with our local community and our colleagues at the state health department and CDC. Read more...

What happens on a regular basis to be prepared for these things?

On a daily basis, we investigate reports of infectious disease.  We check if someone is ill, how they became ill, and if anyone else is at risk of becoming ill.  Read more...

Recently, the CDC told faith leaders to "consider your ritual practices" as they concern potential public health issues. What would you like faith community leaders to think about in regards to religious practices? 

We've all been thinking about Ebola as a public health concern, but I would ask faith community leaders to take a step back and consider their religious practices in the context of influenza or the common cold.  Are there points in your practices that could be opportunities to spread the cold or the flu?  Read more...

What role can local faith communities play in the prevention and containment of infectious disease? What role can they play in support of the Public Health Department? 

Serve as a source of factual scientific information.  There have been reports of people experiencing discrimination due to fears associated with Ebola.  Educate yourself and your congregation about Ebola and other diseases.  Read more...



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November 15, 2014
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Our own City of Houston Public Health Department is a great source for factual scientific information regarding infectious disease and other public health issues. Consider bookmarking their page and sharing their information often with your community. 
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