New eagle murals in the Hickman Mills Freshman Center gym are ready to energize HMC-1 students and stare down the competition.

Issue 17; January 31, 2017
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Freshman Center Observes Blue Ribbon Nonviolence Week
Paola Ochoa-Gonzalez reads
a portion of a Violence 101 public
service announcement.
Darion Williams reciting 
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s
"I Have A Dream" speech 
during Friday's assembly.
With a focus on nonviolent alternatives to addressing problems, the Hickman Mills Freshman Center observed a Blue Ribbon Week January 24-27. The week included daily events aimed at promoting peace and how to deal with conflict. Students also listened to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. quotes throughout the week.
Each day, students had the opportunity to participate in an activity and daily theme. Themes promoted nonviolence, respect, unity, peace, and conflict resolution:
  • Tuesday: Promote Respect and Tolerance Day. Students mixed it up and ate lunch with someone new to learn about each other.
  • Wednesday: Resolve Conflicts Peacefully Day. Students were challenged to peacefully mediate with a peer he/she has a conflict with. Cortney Ray, family resource specialist, Camille Cubit, process coordinator, and Frances Howard, counselor, conducted meditations with students. 
  • Thursday: Get Centered and Manage Your Anger Day. Throughout the day, students learned different techniques to manage their anger and participated in a meditation activity.
The culmination of the week was a nonviolence assembly, honoring King's message of peace and ending racism. This included a reading of the infamous "I Have a Dream" speech, delivered by Darion Williams. 

"We were so proud of how respectful and engaged our students were during the assembly," said Ray. "This week would not have happened without our amazing students."

Warford Students Create Masterpieces
Art students at Warford Elementary recently took on the challenge of creating their own helmet artwork. The project is a staple for art teacher Mark Ritchey, who has been with HMC-1 for three years. Ritchey said the helmets are a form of 3D art that allow students to work on something different than a flat piece of paper.
5th grader Alan Albor proudly stands next to his Kansas City Chiefs  helmet art.
To create the helmet, students place paper mache on an actual helmet that Ritchey has cut in half. They then paint the helmet with a sports design. Some students honor family members, a favorite hobby, or their favorite sports team. This was fifth grader Alan Albor's second year to make a helmet. Last year, he created a Kansas City Royals helmet; this year, he highlighted the Kansas City Chiefs.
"Making the helmet is fun," Albor said. "The hardest part was dipping the newspaper into the glue and putting it on the form. It took strategic effort in knowing where to place pieces."
Ritchey described Albor as one of the best art students in Warford. Yet he is quick to point out that his art students as a whole are very well behaved and responsible. They are self-starters, see a project through to completion, and do not rely on family members to finish the job. Overall, he has been very impressed with his students.
The paper mache helmets, along with all other art created in Ritchey's classroom, are meant to be masterpieces; keepsakes that students and their parents can take home and frame.
"We never do throw-away artwork," Ritchey said. "I want kids to keep and frame their work. Some students will keep the helmet for years."

Ruskin Students Cheer Through "Fandomania"

Ruskin High School students demonstrate their cheers and posters during the Board of Education meeting on January 26th.
Eagle students and fans - It's time to stand up and cheer your school on! At the January 26 Board of Education meeting, Ruskin High School students introduced their Fandomania initiative. Fandomania is similar to a pep squad, but so much more. Students and student organizations come together to cheer on not only athletes but build student spirit as well. Activities such as tailgates are designed to provide a vibrant source of pride and increase student-community interaction.

"We are focused on the school's genuine team culture and building positive relationships. Our Fandomania sponsors work with our students to ensure that they all of have the opportunity to experience positive school spirit, good sportsmanship, and take on the ownership of school pride," Ruskin Principal Dawn Smith said.

Student participants have been cheering (loudly) at sports games, had the band play through the hallways during school, and are encouraging students in all activities. 

In time, the hope is that Fandomania will not only build school spirit, but also change perceptions of Ruskin and its students.
Ingels' Spelling Bee Winner Going to Regionals

Oluwatimileyin "Timmy" Oladimeji will compete 
at the KCPL Division Spelling Bee this weekend.
Ingels Elementary, along with several other HMC-1 elementary schools, recently held their annual Spelling Bee. Ingels was proud to announce that 4th grader Oluwatimileyin "Timmy" Oladimeji was named the school's winner and will now compete in the KCPL Division Spelling Bee on February 4 at the Kansas City Public Library.
"Timmy is a go-getter when it comes to education," said Karlos Lawerence, Oladimeji's 4th grade teacher. "He is an excellent reader and assertively seeks knowledge."
Spelling bees are nothing new to Oladimeji. He said he has been to many spelling competitions and that the skill comes easy to him.
"I like to spell hard works like 'incorporated' and 'accountability,'" Oladimeji said and then demonstrated how to spell each word.
To prepare for the regional contest, Oladimeji has been reading the dictionary on a daily basis. Yet spelling is not his favorite subject; that belongs to math.
"It's kind of easy. I like multiplication the best," he said.
Ingels' spelling bee was primarily for 3rd through 6th grades; however, 1st and 2nd graders competed as well. Briah Jacobs, a second grader in Shelly Spottsville's class, was the winner from the 1st and 2nd classes.
We will be cheering Oladimeji and all HMC-1 spelling bee participants this weekend! Best of luck to our District competitors!


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