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May 17, 2018


RADIANT CHURCHIn Spirit and Truth
 I need to confess right up front that there may be no church related subject that I am more passionate about than "Worship". So consider yourself warned! It's the day we set aside to honor the sabbath and to remember that we are not God, that he alone is worthy of ALL our Praise. Part of my passion is because I know it is critical to maintaining our spiritual integrity; it's fuel for the week, it's grounding against apathy, it's empowerment against sin, it's equipping for the journey. And the truth is Americans are a bit flippant about making it a priority, we lack a sense of urgency. Nowhere in the first century would it have been conceivable for followers to think worship was optional, much less set aside in favor of something better. There wasn't anything they considered better and neither should we! The truth is Radiant Church begins in our sanctuary and then ripples into our community. Every Sunday I enter the pulpit with the thought, what if this is the last time I get to worship or preach on this earth. I mean after all life is fragile and for sure uncertain. So I don't want to leave anything on the table, I don't want to be found coasting into heaven. If we are incapable of worshiping with our whole hearts on Sunday...when and where else would that happen? In many ways Sunday is practice for an eternity of worship. So you will have to forgive me if I am a little bit jacked up Sunday! #Unashamed!
Senior Sunday - This Sunday we will be celebrating our graduates with a video presentation and gifts. It is always a special time in the life of the church. Join us as we celebrate our great students.



Mission Trips 
Mission trip sign ups will be in the Courtyard on Sunday!  
Stop by for an application and calendar!
Kentucky- July 15-20
Belize- July 21-28
Kentucky- October 4-9
Belize- November 10-16
Kenya- February 9-24

Backyard Missions  
Backyard Missions applications will also be
available in the Courtyard on Sunday! 
We will be at House of Hope from 8 am to 11 am on:
June 18, 20, 25, 27
July 23, 25, 30
August 1
Children's Ministry  

A Place to Serve 
Volunteers needed to work in the nursery during the 
9:45 service once a month.
Move Up Sunday is June 10th 
Vacation Bible School is July 9 - 13
Registration opens online on the Georgianna website June 1st
Looking for adult and youth volunteers to help with VBS.

Please contact Kelly Winston, Children's Pastor, at or 321-452-7523, if you would like to volunteer.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes 
 Multi Sports Camp - Power Camp
Held at FBC of Melbourne on Dairy Road 
July 23 -27 from 8:00 am - 12:00 pm 
Co-Ed camp for Grades entering in the fall 
3rd - 8th grades, $80 until June 29, after that $95 
To register or for more information contact Dan Carter at
The Youth will be attending "SOLO"  on Thursday, May 24th at Cobb Theatre. Meet at the Theatre at 7 pm. Parents should be
able to pick up their child around 9:45.
Deposits for camp are due on May 20th
 Final payment due on May 27th. We currently have a waiting list,
so please get your payments in to hold your spot.
Jr. High - Wednesday 6:00 - 8:00 pm 
Sr. High - Sunday 6:00 - 8:00 pm  

Fellowship of Christian Athletes
 Multi Sports Camp - Power Camp Held at FBC of Melbourne on Dairy Road  July 23 -27 from 8:00 am - 12:00 pm
Co-Ed camp for Grades entering in the fall
3rd - 8th grades, $80 until June 29, after that $95 
To register or for more information contact Dan Carter at

Please contact Janice Shepard: if you are able to help with our Parking Ministry on Sunday mornings.
Or you may sign up in the Courtyard on Sunday morning at the Mission Table.
 May 23 - last Vineyard before we break for summer
6:30 for soup and fellowship
7:00 for bible study on Acts.  
Caregiver Education Program
Series of Six Free Classes, Thursdays 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm
June 7 - July 26 at the Sunflower House
For more information or to register contact  
Karen McNally at 321-269-4240, ext. 3453 


3925 South Tropical Trail

Merritt Island, FL  32952